Shelling of a patrol in Syria // Russian servicemen were wound


1 Syria

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties reported that during a Russian-Turkish patrol of the M-4 highway, near the town of Urum al-Jauz, in the south of the Idlib DMZ — the patrol came under fire from an anti-tank grenade launcher. As a result of the attack — 1 Russian APC was damaged. «2 Russian servicemen received minor concussions. The patrol was stopped. The personnel of the Russian part of the patrol was returned to their point of deployment. Medical assistance was provided to the injured on the spot. Their health condition is satisfactory» — the Center reported. It was noted that the damaged BTR-82 was evacuated a bit later. The command of the Russian group of forces in Syria, together with the Turkish military and the Syrian security agencies, are investigating the identity of the local terrorists that attacked the convoy.

2 Belarus

On Tuesday, the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus announced the drawing of up to 39 administrative protocols for the participation in illegal events over the past day. “3 criminal cases were opened for violence, or a threat of violence, against the police officers” — the ministry added. On the evening of 24th of August, about 550 protesters gathered on the Independence Square in the city of Minsk. It was noted that no emergencies were recorded during the rally. The country’s Interior Ministry has once again urged the citizens to »show common sense, and do not give in to the calls to participate in illegal rallies and processions.»

3 Germany

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the EU, Helga Schmid, announced while speaking during an extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on the situation in Belarus, that the Foreign Ministers of the 27 EU countries will hold an another discussion of the sanctions against Belarus during an informal meeting in Berlin on 27th and 28th of August.

4 Libya

The ‘Al Arabiya’ TV reported that the protests against the Government of the National Accord continued on Monday in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. The protesters accused the Cabinet of ministers of the escalation of the socioeconomic situation, the impoverishment of the general population, and the rampant corruption. They also demand the resignation of the GNA, led by the Prime Minister Faiz Sarraj. It was noted that reinforced police teams were stationed around the government buildings and other strategically important structures. Large crowds gathered on the Martyrs Square. In some areas of Tripoli the police used tear gas to push back the protesters.

5 Lebanon

The press service of the Lebanese army reported that their servicemen found 79 containers with dangerous chemicals on the territory of the seaport of Beirut. The names of the chemicals were not disclosed. The statement underlined that the military has taken «all the necessary precautions, given that the leakage of those chemicals is deadly». It was noted that during the investigation of the explosion in Beirut — 19 officials, including the director-general of the port of Beirut and the head of the customs service, were arrested after interrogations.

6 Israel — the Gaza Strip

The IDF press service reported on Twitter that in response to the launch of balloons with explosives — on Tuesday the IDF attacked the facilities of the radical movement ‘Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip. «In response to the balloons with explosives, launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel today — our tanks and aircraft hit the military positions and underground infrastructure of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip» — the statement announced. The launch of balloons with explosives from the Gaza Strip to Israel started in early August. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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