Sudan has formed the Sovereign Council


1 the USA

Donald Trump announced that he supports the return of Russia to the «G8». “I think it would be much more practical for Russia to be in the G7. Many of the topics that we discuss are related to Russia” — Donald Trump told to the reporters at the White House. He underlined that he would support the restoration of the G8. If such proposal would be accepted — he would have “reacted with a great favor” to it. Recently Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with the French President, Emanuel Macron, that Moscow has never refused to work in the G8 format. At the same time, as the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov noted, Russia never insisted on going back. According to a CNN journalist — earlier Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron discussed via a phone the possibility of inviting Russia to participate in the next G7 meeting in 2020. The initiator of the invitation was the French president.

2 Italy

The Italian President Sergio Mattarella accepted the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. “The president accepted the resignation. He invited the government to carry out its current duties until the end of the political crisis”- RIA NEWS quoted the report of the presidential Quirinal Palace, which also added that on Wednesday, Sergio Mattarella will begin the consultations with the speakers of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and the Senate. After which he will receive the delegations of the main political parties of Italy. On Tuesday, 20th of August, Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation from the post of the Prime Minister of Italy due to the severe political crisis in the country.

3 Sudan

The formation of the “Sovereign Council”, which will govern Sudan during the transitional period, has ended — said the official representative of the Military Council, Shams ad-Din Kabbashi. According to him, “a council of 11 representatives has been formed. The related legislative act has been passed” — TASS reports. “On 21st of August, on Wednesday, the Sovereign Council will make an oath” — said an official of the Military Council. It is also expected that before the official procedure of making an oath by the Sovereign Council — the dissolution of the Military Council will be announced according to the adopted Constitutional Declaration. On 11th of April, after months of protests during a dire economic situation, a military coup took place in Sudan. As a result — President Omar al-Bashir has resigned.

4. the USA — Romania

On Wednesday, the Romanian President Klaus Johannis announced that after his talks with Donald Trump at the Romanian Embassy in Washington, Romania is ready to accept a larger contingent of the US troops — TASS reports. «We don’t need a mere increase in the numbers. We want to have more military personnel in the Multinational Brigade in the Regional Command, which we want to create. Also — in the air police, and many other specific things, which, of course, we will discuss at the next meeting» — he explained. The Romanian president also noted that Donald Trump «is very interested in the development of the new energy sources in the Black Sea, which is very important for Romania.»

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