Summary events of Novorossiya, January 10, 2017


As a result of a regular armed conflict between Ukrainian fighters one was killed and 2 were wounded, the official representative of the LPR People’s Militia the major Andrey Marochko reported.
Today Kiev fighters have attacked the positions of the LPR People’s Militia in the village Kalinovka near Debaltsevo, claimed Andrey Marochko.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic over 500 times for the last 24 hours. They used mortars, grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles and small arms. Gorlovka and villages Shirokaya Balka and Zaytsevo were subjected to intensive shelling. 4 houses were damaged. They opened fire at Yasinovataya and villages Krutaya Balka, Spartak and Veseloe, villages Trudovskie and Alexandrovka in the west of Donetsk, the area of the airport and the village Sakhanka in the south of the Republic.
9 Ukrainian armored personnel carriers and 15 lorries of ammunition are located near Gorlovka. 7 armored personnel carriers and 4 lorries of ammunition were detected in the village Pervomayskoe. 3 self-propelled guns, 5 infantry fighting vehicles, 5 lorries and Ukrainian fighters arrived in the village Novoselovka, the Deputy Commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin reported today.
Ukrainian fighters intensify the air reconnaissance above the localities Pervomaysk, Molodezhny and Kalinovo, the major Andrey Marochko reported today.
Kiev fighters shelled the village Kalinovka from Luganskoe, they used mortars; it has been reported by the Ministry of Defense.

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