Syria. Violations of the ceasefire


1 Syria

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria reported that the Russian and Turkish military conducted a joint patrol in Syria, near the border with Turkey, along the M-4 highway. The length of the patrol route was 210 kilometers. The meeting of the military convoys of the two countries took place near the settlement of Sheirek. During the movement, the convoy was covered by a Russian Mi-8 helicopter. An attack helicopter Mi-35 carried out a scout flight about 5-10 kilometers ahead of the route of armored vehicles. «The patrol went on as usual» — the Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties reported.

2 Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that over the past day, the Russian representatives in the commission on the violation of the ceasefire in Syria noted 8 such violations. Turkey recorded 1 violation. 4 violations were reported in the Idlib province. 2 violations were recorded in the province of Latakia. 2 violations were recorded in the Aleppo province. «The Turkish representatives recorded 1 violation in the province of Idlib» — the statement specified and added that during the day, the Center carried out 1 humanitarian action in the village of Husainiya, in the Damascus province.

3 Iraq

The ‘Al Sumaria’ TV reported, while citing a statement by Iraqi security forces, that two strong explosions took place on Tuesday night, at an airbase to the north of Baghdad. It happened in the province of Salah al-Din, at the airbase ‘Spiker’, also named ‘Majed al-Tamimi’. The Iraqi and the American troops are being stationed in the airbase. After the explosions, a strong fire broke out on the airbase, which was localized by the civil defense brigades that arrived at the scene. According to the preliminary data — there are no victims. The reasons for the incident were not specified. The ‘Sky News Arabia’ TV reported that the airbase came under rocket fire. The ‘Al Sumaria’ reported, without giving reasons, and while citing their sources among the security forces, about the detonation of the ammunition, stored in boxes, surrounded by concrete blocks. Recently the ‘Al-Tajji’ base in Iraq, located near Baghdad, was under rocket fire as well. 3 small rockets were fired at the base. The attack caused serious damage to one of the army helicopters, as well as the weapons shops. There were no casualties.

4 Lebanon — Israel

During a meeting of the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council, the Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, accused Israel of violating the Lebanese sovereignty, and violating of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which established a ceasefire on the Lebanese-Israeli border after the conflict in the summer of 2006. «I urge to be vigilant in the coming days, and take into account the possibility of an escalation of the situation on our border» — the ‘Al-Mayadeen’ TV quoted the Prime Minister of Lebanon. Earlier on Monday, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Shiia movement ‘Hezbollah’ of trespassing Israel from the Lebanese territory. He urged the movement to «not repeat this mistake.» On Monday, the IDF press office reported that in the area of ​​Mount Dov, in north of Israel, a group of armed terrorists crossed the Israeli border from Lebanon. «The Israeli forces opened fire on the terrorists. They used small arms, machine guns, a tank, and they also camouflaged the area with smoke». There were no casualties on the Israeli side — the IDF reported.

5 Iran

The ‘Fars’ news agency reported while citing the press service of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that the IRGC started military exercises in the Persian Gulf. It was reported that they use the information, received from a ‘Nur’ military satellite, which was launched on 22nd April, for the first time during military exercises. The military space and naval forces of the IRGC are taking part in the exercise. The maneuvers will also involve the IRGC reconnaissance units, and their UAVs. The ‘Tasnim’ news agency reported that during the exercises — Iran carried out a training attack on an American aircraft carrier, by using a replica vessel.

6 India — Pakistan

The Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ reported that on Tuesday morning, the Pakistani artillery bombarded the Indian positions in two areas of the Punch sector, on the Kashmir control line. ‘The Hindu’ reported that the Indian artillery fired back. No casualties were reported on both sides. The Indian military stated to ‘The Hindu’ that on Tuesday, Pakistan violated the ceasefire in Kashmir for the 8th day in a row. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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