Syrian troops attacked the terrorist bases in Hama


The Syrian artillery hit the terrorist bases of the group »Kataib al-Izza», located north from the provincial center of Hama, TASS reports with a reference to the SANA agency. According to the SANA — the command posts and ammunition depots in the settlements of Kfar Zita, Hasraya and Arbain were destroyed. Earlier, the terrorists tried to infiltrate the villages of Teybat al-Imam, Souran and Morik in order to attack the positions of the government forces from there. According to SANA — the Syrian troops eliminated the threat of an attack, and inflicted casualties on the terrorists and their equipment.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban rejected the American requests asking him to increase the pressure on Russia and China. He stated that he wants his country to «remain neutral in this matter, like Austria» — TASS reports while citing ‘The Wall Street Journal’. According to the sources of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ — Viktor Orban said so during last month, on his meeting with the US ambassador to Hungary. The advisers of the prime minister explained that he appreciates the security that Hungary receives from its membership in NATO, and he wants his country to remain in the alliance. However, Viktor Orban opposes the attempts of the USA to curb the influence of Russia and China in Europe — the sources say.

The DPRK authorities urged South Korea to cancel their military training while noting that the exercises could disrupt the peace and the dialogue on the Korean Peninsula, TASS reports. In particular, the DPRK are concerned about the South Korean anti-terrorist exercises, held in the early January, and the intention of the South Korea to increase their military budget for the current year, and even purchase the latest stealth fighters from the USA.

Turkish President Erdogan promised to destroy all the ISIS terrorists in Syria in the near future — TASS reports. «In the very near future, we will establish security, stability and tranquility on the territories east of the Euphrates» — he announced. In addition, Erdogan noted that not only Turkey wants to eliminate the extremist organizations, but also «to make serious efforts, needed to mitigate the consequences of the humanitarian crisis, caused by the conflict in Syria». According to him, Ankara intends to create buffer zones in Syria, »so the 4 millions of Syrian refugees, currently living in Turkey, can return to their homes».

About 600 US military personnel arrived at two US Air Force bases located east of the Euphrates in Syria — TASS reports while citing Anadolu. The new US military personnel arrived to the bases in the Kharab Yshk and Sarrin regions, in Aleppo Province. As Anadolu notes, those bases will be the main points of the withdrawal of the US military from Syria. Two more bases in the province of Haseke will be used for the withdrawal of the heavy weapons. The newly arrived US servicemen should be involved in the withdrawal of the other US troops.

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