Terrorist act inside the Ministry of External Affairs in Tripoli Breaking News, 25th of December, 2


US President Donald Trump announced in social media that instead of America — Saudi Arabia will restore Syria. “Saudi Arabia agreed to allocate funds needed for the restoration of Syria, instead of the United States. See? Isn’t it nice when extremely rich countries help their neighbors recover, and not the great United States that located 5,000 miles away. Thanks, Saudi Arabia!» — Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter.

«Russia and Europe need to consider a possibility of switching from dollar to euro when trading energy resources» — said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Maxim Oreshkin. He reminded that Russia is reducing the amount of international transactions in dollars. »The transition from dollar to euro in the commodity trading with Europe would contribute to this effort» — TASS reports. Neither in Europe nor in Russia the dollar is an official mean of payment, but the transactions “for some reason” are being carried out in dollars, the minister said. Maxim Oreshkin believes that Russia and Europe «need to think about switching at least to the euro». According to him — «it would be more logical for both parties.»

The Syrian army stopped an attempt of the terrorist groups to seize the army positions in the south-east of Idlib province. As it was reported by TASS with a reference to the Syrian agency SANA — the Army stopped the terrorists that infiltrated the DMZ. Then the Army inflicted losses upon them. The terrorists were driven back to the Sukeik-El-Tamana-Chorin line, south of the city of Idlib. In the north of the province of Hama, Syrian artillery opened fire on the terrorists that had entered the areas protected by the government forces. Their groups were seen on the Lahaya-Bzem line, in the mountainous area of Dahret al-Aliya. As a result of the artillery strikes — the terrorists had casualties in dead and wounded.

Russia began underwater tests of a strategic underwater drone «Poseidon» capable of carrying nuclear warheads. “In a sea area, protected from the attempts of reconnaissance from potential enemies, the underwater testing of the Poseidon’s nuclear power plant is under way” — a source told to TASS. According to the source — the reactor is installed in the drone itself. So far, the tests are carried out as a part of the development process, and not full-scale running tests. The source noted that a nuclear submarine is being used as the carrier for the drone. The work on the underwater drone goes as a part of the state armament program for 2018-2027. «Poseidon should be transferred to the Navy before the end of this program» — the source added.

Colonel Edward Basurin, deputy commander of the Operational Command, reported that the DPR intelligence obtained information on the arrival of railroad wagons with blue barrels with a potent chemical poisonous substance inside. They arrive at the railroad station of the village of Krasnogorovka. Currently, the barrels are being unloaded by the Ukrainian military in hazmat suits. According to intelligence data, specialists from British and American special sabotage operations services are present in the area, Edward Basurin added. The colonel appealed to the international organizations, operating in Ukraine and in the conflict zone, to not allow the Ukrainian authorities to carry out the planned terrorist act with the use of chemical weapons that can affect more than 70 000 civilians in the region.

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