Terrorist attacks in the Syrian city of Qamishli


1 China

The Hong Kong police detained 287 people for the participation in the protests that took place on Monday in many areas of the city, including several universities. The road traffic was paralyzed during the same day due to the protests. Fierce clashes took place on the streets and in the universities — the police was sent in to intervene. The police used tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, and firearms to disperse the protestors. As a result, 1 person was injured. The protests continued on Tuesday.

2 Afghanistan

At least 4 Afghan soldiers were killed and 6 were injured on Monday night by a “friendly fire” incident in the eastern Logar province — the ‘TOLOnews’ reports. It was noted that the Afghan military checkpoint fell under friendly fire «by a mistake» during a friendly air attack. According to the local police spokesman, the US air force “accidentally” hit the Afghan army outpost after the Afghan forces called in for the air support while they were under attack by the Taliban.

3 Israel — Palestine

«The Israeli Defense Forces are continuing to attack their targets in the Gaza Strip» — the IDF press service reports. The Israeli »Channel 9» noted that the air forces are attacking only the military installations of the ‘Islamic Jihad’. The escalation of the border conflict in the Palestinian enclave took place after the Israeli Air Force killed the commander of the ‘Islamic Jihad’ in Gaza, Bahi Abu al-Ata. Earlier, more than 50 missiles were fired at the Israeli territory in the morning hours. 20 of them were intercepted by the ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system.

4 Syria

7 people were killed, 70 were injured during a triple attack in the Syrian city of Qamishli, in north of Syria, in the province of Hasaka. The military reporters of ANNA NEWS in Syria reported that the first explosion took place near the ‘al-Hadisi’ school. The second explosion took place near the ‘Sufara’ Hotel. None of the groups took the responsibility so far.

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