The Afghan troops retreated to the territory of Tajikistan


1 Syria

The «Al Arabiya TV» reported that the US military base near the ’Al-Omar’ oil field, in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, came under rocket fire. At least two rockets were fired at the camp. It was reported that the rocket strike was performed from the territory where the positions of the pro-Iranian groups are located. The Pentagon denied the information about the attack on the US military base in Syria. Colonel Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition, stated on Twitter that the reports about the US forces in Syria being attacked with rockets are fake.

2 The UK — Afghanistan

’’The Daily Telegraph’’ reported that a small group of British special forces may remain in Afghanistan after the pulling of the main part of the troops. It was reported that the Special Airborne Service will be stationed in Afghanistan as a «group of advisers» to train the Afghan military. It wasn’t specified how long the British military would stay in the country. The final decision on this matter will be made by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Earlier, ’’The Daily Telegraph’’ reported that the UK and the USA will complete the pulling of most of their troops from Afghanistan on 4th of July.

3 Tajikistan

The press center of the Border Service of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan stated that 1,037 Afghan servicemen retreated to Tajikistan after their battles with the Taliban. The statement noted that given the principle of good-neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan — the Afghan servicemen were allowed to move to Tajik territory. The Ministry added that currently the situation on the border with Afghanistan is under control of the border guards of Tajikistan.

4 Russia

Dmitry Peskov , the Press Secretary of the Russian President, stated that Moscow isn’t discussing with the official Kabul the introduction of a military force in Afghanistan due to the current escalation of the situation in the border areas. Dmitry Peskov added that the Russian military and border guards will monitor the situation in the border regions of Afghanistan, and they’ll make their decisions from there. He mentioned that the situation on the border with Azerbaijan doesn’t look good either.

5 Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan has launched an investigation of an explosion and fire that took place in the Caspian Sea. The Azerbaijani mass media published a footage of an explosion in the Caspian Sea. According to the eyewitnesses — the explosion took place on one of the offshore platforms. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan reported that there was no information about any emergencies at the oil infrastructure or industrial facilities in the sea. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan reported that, according to the preliminary version, the explosion was caused by an eruption of a mud volcano under the sea.

6 Estonia

The Former Speaker of the Estonian Parliament, Henn Põlluaas, who was approved as a presidential candidate by the Congress of the ’’Estonian People’s Conservative Party’’, demanded Russia to return the allegedly «annexed territories». During the congress, he once again opposed the ratification of the border treaty with Russia. According to him, the ’Tartu Peace Treaty’, concluded one hundred and one year ago, continues to operate, together with the state border mentioned in the treaty. The next presidential elections in Estonia are planned from 10th of August to 29th of September. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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