The Ansar Allah hit Saudi Arabia


1 Yemen. Strike at Saudi Arabia

The Yemeni rebel movement ’Ansar Allah’ announced an attack on Saudi Arabia. A spokesman for the movement, Yahya Saria, stated that a Saudi air base near the village of Khamis Mushait in the province of Asir was attacked — the ’Al Masirah’ TV quoted his words. According to him, the «precise» strike was delivered with the help of a UAV. This was a response to the actions of the kingdom against Yemen. No details on the possible injuries or damage haven’t been reported yet.

2 Syria. Training.

Air defense training took place in Syria. During the training, the government forces reportedly shot down 1 UAV with an S-75 ’Dvina’ AA missile system. The missile hit right on target — the UAV’s radar signature disappeared from the radar screen of the AA system. The Syrian military noted that 10 minutes passed from the moment when the target was detected until the missile was fired, and no more than 30 seconds from the moment of launch. They added that the Soviet ’S-75’ AA missile system is still effective. The air defense exercises also involved the ’Buk-M2E’ AA missile systems, and ’ZU-23’ flak AA guns.

3 The UK. Afghanistan.

About 3,000 Afghan translators and their families will be able to relocate to the UK — the UK authorities stated, the ’Sky News’ reports. The decision was made due to the fears of possible revenge against the translators and their families by the Taliban, for their help to the British army. According to the head of the UK Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, «as the Western powers leave Afghanistan, the threat to the lives of the translators increases due to targeted attacks by the Taliban, among other reasons.»

4 Russia. Meeting of the Presidents of the Russia and the USA

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, stated that the agendas of Russia and the USA before the meeting of the presidents do not coincide. He underlined that Moscow is, as always, ready to respond to any questions posed by the USA. «Unfortunately, counter readiness is observed much less and less these days» — Sergei Ryabkov added. The Russian and the US presidents are expected to meet in Geneva, on 16th of June.

5 Russia. Dialogue with the NATO

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated during a press conference after the negotiations with the Portuguese Foreign Minister that Russia is ready to resume the dialogue with the NATO. He added that Moscow expects a response to many of the proposals, «which have been under a consideration by the NATO for more than a year. The adoption of those proposals would significantly help to de-escalate the situation, which continues to get worse due to the constant movement of the NATO’s military infrastructure closer to the borders of Russia, and other reasons» — end of quote.

6 Russia. Disconnecting from the SWIFT

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the proposals to disconnect Russia from the ’SWIFT’. According to him, the possibility of termination of this information exchange system in Russia can’t be ruled out. He explained that «the EU and the West have repeatedly proved in several cases that they are unreliable partners who can make unlawful decisions for no reasons at all». Earlier the EU High Representative for the Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borel, stated that the ’SWIFT’ is an international private organization, and the EU can’t directly disconnect any country from it. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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