The Baghdad airport is under fire again


The Syrian newspaper «Al Watan» reported that the Turkish artillery fired at the border villages near the city of Tell Abyad, in the north of the Raqqa province. The shelling damaged the civilian houses. No information about the victims was reported. The ‘Al Watan’ reported that earlier some clashes took place between the Turkish troops and the Syrian armed opposition, on one side, and the Kurdish troops from the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition, near the city of Tell Abyad. It was reported that a shoot-out between the Turkish troops and the Syrian Democratic Forces took place in the north of the Hasakah province. As a result, the civilians from the villages of Derbasia and Amuda moved to the city of Qamishli. The ‘Al Watan’ reported that on the last Saturday, the pro-Turkish militants took hostage 6 residents of the village of Abu Rasein. They were taken away in an unknown direction.

The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled a missile attack in the Aleppo province. According to the SANA — the missile strike was carried out by the Israeli Air Force. «Our air defenses opened fire on the enemy targets east of the city of Aleppo» — the SANA reported. It was specified that the Syrian air defenses hit several Israeli missiles before they reached their targets.

The Kurdish news agency «Firat» reported that the Turkish artillery fired at the Kurdish communities to the north of Aleppo. The villages of Miranaz, Shevarga, and Al-Malikiya were shelled by heavy artillery and mortars. There was no information about the casualties and injuries among the civilian population. Previously there were some clashes in the same area between the Kurdish militiamen from the »People’s Self-Defense Forces» and the pro-Turkish armed opposition. The Kurdish militiamen have conducted several attacks against the opposition forces. As a result, there were killed and wounded in their ranks.

Zhang Shuili, a spokesman for the Chinese Army’s Western Command, announced that the Indian military had illegally crossed the control line in Ladakh and «fired warning shots at the Chinese border patrol soldiers who were ready to negotiate» — the »Global Times» quoted Zhang Shuili. According to him — the Chinese military was forced to take counter-measures to stabilize the situation. It was noted that the incident took place in a mountainous area, near the southern shore of the lake Pangong Tso. China demanded India to »immediately cease the dangerous maneuvers, and pull out the troops that crossed the line of control». As well as conduct a serious investigation of this incident, and take measures to prevent a recurrence of this situation. Zhang Shuili underlined that the Indian military had severely violated the agreements. The ‘Times of India’ confirmed the opening of fire in Ladakh while citing their sources.

The »Al-Masira» TV reported that the Yemeni rebels from the ‘Ansar Allah’ movement announced a series of air-strikes against an important target in the Saudi capital. «The air force used drones and missiles to conduct a joint operation by using a ballistic missile, 4 ‘Samad’ drones, and 3 other drones to hit an important target in Riyadh» — said an Ansar Allah spokesperson, Yahya Saria. On Thursday morning, the Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, announced an interception of a explosive drone, launched at the south of the kingdom. The coalition has yet to confirm the Yemeni drone strikes on Riyadh.

The »Al Sumaria» TV reported while citing an official statement from the Iraqi law enforcement agencies that the Baghdad International Airport was under a rocket fire on Thursday evening. It was reported that 1 rocket hit the airport, but it didn’t cause any harm. It was reported that the rocket was launched from the area of Al-Furat, from the east. It was the 2nd shelling of the Baghdad airport in a week. Last Sunday, the airport was hit with 3 rockets, 1 of which exploded in a parking lot. 4 cars were damaged back then. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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