The deputy Iranian Foreign Minister discussed the nuclear deal in Beijing


1 China

On Monday, the ‘IRNA’ reported that the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Aragchi and the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu negotiated in Beijing. They discussed the nuclear deal. The meeting of the joint commission on the nuclear deal at the level of deputy foreign ministers was also discussed — the meeting is planned for 6th of December. “The nuclear deal is a great achievement of diplomacy. Our friends from China agreed that the agreement should be preserved. In this regard, we considered several ways of maintaining of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan” — TASS quoted Abbas Aragchi

2 China — the USA

During a briefing on Monday, a spokeswoman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, announced that in response to the ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’, China has imposed sanctions on a number of US non-governmental organizations, including the ‘Human Rights Watch’. The diplomat added that the Chinese government decided to suspend the consideration of US requests for visits to Hong Kong by American warships and aircraft. The ‘Law on the Protection of Human Rights and Democracy in Hong Kong’, and the law that bans the supply of certain type of police equipment to the special administrative region was signed by Donald Trump during last Thursday.

3 Azerbaijan

During a special meeting on Monday, the Azerbaijani parliament began discussing the issue of appealing to the president in order to dissolve the parliament, and to call early parliamentary elections. The initiative was introduced by the ruling party in order to maintain the course of the president’s reforms. The decision to dissolve itself was made after a vote. The parliament turned to the president of Azerbaijan with a request to dissolve the parliament and to call early elections. According to the constitution of Azerbaijan, the right to dissolve the parliament and to call elections in the parliament belongs to the president.

4 Syria

The Russian military has expanded their air patrol zone in the northern part of the Syrian province of Aleppo — the ‘RIA NEWS’ reports. The Russian Air Force helicopters provide an air support to the military police while they patrol the roads in Aleppo. They also escort the convoys from the Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties to the points of hand-out of the humanitarian aid. «We started flying more often since the patrol zone has expanded. We escort the military police convoys, and we ensure their safety» — the ‘RIA NEWS’ quoted the pilot of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter, Ivan Svetlakov.

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