The EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer was summoned by the Russian MFA


1 Russia

The EU Ambassador to Russia, Markus Ederer, was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was told that the actions that violate the legal and political obligations of the EU, and lead to an escalation of the tensions, are unacceptable. Moscow demands an immediate restoration of the transit, otherwise some retaliatory measures will take place. The EU ban doesn’t apply to the companies that transport goods in transit through the EU between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of Russia, since the transit goes from Russia to Russia. Thus it has nothing to do with exports and imports.

2 Ukraine

On 20th of June Ukraine made an another attempt to capture the Snake Island. The Russian air defense forces destroyed all the incoming Ukrainian attacking forces — the Russian Ministry of Defense reported on 21st of June. The ministry specified that more than 15 strike and scout UAVs were involved in the air raid on the island. Their guidance was carried out by 2 ’Bayraktar TB2’ drones. The anti-aircraft cover of the Ukrainian UAVs was provided by S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from the combat positions near Tuzla and Ochakov. Rocket and artillery strikes on the Zmeiny Island were carried out by Ukrainian ’Tochka-U’ ballistic missiles, MRLS ’Uragan’, and 155-mm artillery pieces ’M777’. «They opened fire from their positions to the west of Odessa, and on the Kubansky Island» — the Russian ministry explained.

3 The LPR

Near the village of Sirotino, near the city of Severodonetsk, 9 Ukrainian reservists laid down their weapons and surrendered peacefully. According to the PoWs, they were mobilized in May to the military unit Number 3035, which, until 2014, was stationed in the city of Lugansk, and then in the city of Kharkov. 3 PoWs are from Severodonetsk and Rubezhnoe, 1 of them is a contract soldier, the rest are from Lvov, Ternopol, Vinnitsa, and Kharkov region. The Ukrainian troops suffer critical losses in the city of Severodonetsk which forces them to retreat to the town of Lisichansk. The Ukrainian forces also have lost control over most of the city of Svyatogorsk, to the west from Lysichansk.

4 The UK

«The UK will impose new sanctions on Russia until Russia pulls the troops from Ukraine» — the head of the British Foreign Office, Liz Truss, stated in a speech in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. She added that London will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine. Earlier, the new head of the British army, Patrick Sanders, stated that it is necessary to create an army that could «defeat Russia». A Crimean senator, Olga Kovitidi, commented on that statement with a guess that in this way the UK wants to build an empire in Europe without the participation of the USA and the EU.

5 Russia

«The search for the people, lost after the attack of the Ukrainian forces on the drilling rigs of the «Chernomorneftegaz» company, will continue as long as the weather is good, and if there is still a chance to find the workers alive» — the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, stated. He added that the families of missing workers will be paid 6.5 millions of rubles each. Earlier he stated that Ukraine carried out 3 attacks on the platforms of the «Chernomorneftegaz» company. The police opened a criminal case on the shelling of the drilling platforms by the Ukrainian forces in the Black Sea in Crimea.

6 South Ossetia

The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the question of joining with Russia, raised by the authorities of South Ossetia, is a legal incident that has yet to be sorted out. He added that in this situation, his colleagues from South Ossetia should decide and figure everything out on their own. At the end of May, the President of South Ossetia, Alan Gagloev, decided to hold the consultations with Russia on the issues, related to the further integration of South Ossetia and Russia. He suspended the decree on a referendum on the integration with Russia until the completion of consultations. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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