The FSB prevented a terrorist attack in the Kaliningrad region


1 Russia The FSB prevented a terrorist attack in the Kaliningrad region. A supporter of the terrorist organization «Azov» — a citizen of Russia, 55 years old — was arrested. He planned to plant IEDs inside the facilities of the Russian Baltic Fleet, and in the Hrabrovo airport. The arrest was swift. The detainee made a confession. He stated that he contacted the Ukrainian representatives by himself back in spring, via a messenger. He received his orders during the summer. A record of his oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian nationalists was found on his phone. The detainee had a hidden IED — about 5kg of TNT, spare components for making IEDs, and some prohibited symbols.

2 Turkey On 26th of August, the envoys from Finland, Sweden and Turkey will meet in Finland to negotiate the NATO expansion — the Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, stated. Discussions should pave the way for both countries into the NATO — the ’Arctic Today’ reported. The goal of the meeting is to create a mechanism to ensure the implementation of the agreements, made in Madrid. The meeting will take place in Helsinki. The Finnish Foreign Minister, Pekka Haavisto, stated that in the future the meetings between representatives of the 3 countries will take place in Finland, Sweden, or in Turkey. On 23rd of August, Kai Mykkanen, the head of the parliamentary group of the ’Finnish party’, announced his desire to create a permanent NATO base in Finland.

3 Egypt The commander of the 2nd Egyptian army, Major-General Mohamed Rabi, inspected the village of Jalban, in the Ismailia region, located close to the Sinai Peninsula. Recently, clashes between the Egyptian forces and the terrorists from the ’Vilayet Sinai’ — the group is a part of the ISIS — became common. The general ordered his forces to stop the terrorist activities in Jalban, and mobilize all the forces for this task. A source of the ’’Al-Araby-al-Jadid’’ reported that Mohamed Rabi ordered to carry out air, sea, and land attacks against the terrorists. Additional army units and pro-government militias were sent to the region.

4 Russia The Council of the Russian parliament demands to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine, with which the Kiev regime creates the risks of a nuclear catastrophe. The statement was published on the website of the lower house of the Russian parliament. The deputies noted that the critical infrastructure of the Zaporojye nuclear power plant is being hit with rockets and artillery shells. The Ukrainian saboteurs meanwhile blow up the power lines that lead to the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, in Russia.

5 Ukraine News about the special military operation. The Russian forces destroyed a Ukrainian military train at a railway station in the Dnepropetrovsk region — the Russian Defense Ministry reported. «More than 200 Ukrainian servicemen and 10 military vehicles en-route to the combat zone in Donbas were eliminated’’. Other military installations on the territory of Ukraine were hit as well. The workshops of the ’Iskra’ factory that repairs air defense radar stations, and the buildings of the ’Migremont’ aircraft repair plant, busy with fixing of the Ukrainian aviation equipment, were hit in the Zaporozhye region. A missile strike destroyed the repair workshops for armored vehicles and MLRS in the city of Shepetovka, in the Hmelnitsky region. The Ukrainian airfields were hit twice. 3 Ukrainian aircraft were destroyed in the city of Dnepr. 2 aircraft were destroyed, and 3 were critically damaged, in the city of Mirgorod. The Ukrainian manpower loses reached 30 people.

6 Republic of Donbass Ukraine shelled the Donbass region once again. The town of Lisichansk was hit with some US-made MLRS — the LPR representatives reported. A woman in the DPR city of Gorlovka was killed. Her 2 children were injured. The Ukrainian forces used the NATO artillery and MLRS. A local electric substation was cut off the grid, 10 nearby villages are left without electricity. A local man near the village of Yasinovataya was killed. The city of Donetsk is still under fire. A strong fire in a local shopping center, caused by a direct hit by a Ukrainian shell, was localized by the late evening. The security systems at the Zaporozhye NPP went off after a power failure — the head of administration of the town of Energodar, Alexander Volga, reported. According to the preliminary data, there was a short circuit, caused by the Ukrainian attacks, which led to a massive fire on the local farm fields and a forest. The local energy system was severely damaged. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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