The IAEA mission arrived in Zaporozhye


1 Russia — Iran

The cooperation between Russia and Iran was discussed by the heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries. Sergey Lavrov stated that the relations between Moscow and Tehran are at a high level. The presidents have contacts on a regular basis. On top of that, a special comprehensive document on the cooperation, which has a strategic importance, is being prepared. “Russia and Iran are consistent supporters of the international law. We are united by our rejection of the destructive line of the collective West to globally impose an order, based on the specific Western rules, instead of the universal norms of the international law. Such liberal world order has nothing to do with the truly democratic values. It has nothing to do with the principles of the UN Charter, including the principle of the sovereign equality of all states” — end of quote.

2 Ukraine

The IAEA mission has arrived in Zaporozhye. The team includes the representatives from 10 countries — Albania, Jordan, Italy, China, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, North Macedonia, and France. The delegation is being headed by IAEA Director-General, Rafael Grossi. The mission will assess the physical damage to the station, and then determine the operability of the safety and security systems. The specialists will assess the working conditions of the local personnel, and take urgent measures to ensure the safety of the nuclear power station. The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the representatives of the organization will enter the area via the Ukrainian-controlled zone.

3 The USA — Ukraine

The US National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, John Kirby, stated that in the near future, the USA will announce new military supplies to Ukraine. “In the coming days, you will hear new announcements regarding the allocation of security aid to Ukraine’’ — the RIA NEWS quoted his words. He gave no details. Earlier, Joe Biden announced the allocation of the largest package of military aid to Ukraine — $2.9 billions of dollars.

4 Ukraine

Ukriane lost more than 1700 servicemen as a result of a failed offensive in Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog and other areas — the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. Igor Konashenkov stated the following: «In the course of unsuccessful attacks on the villages of Arkhangelskoye, Olgino, and Ternovye Pody, the Ukrainian troops suffered significant losses, and were driven back by the Russian forces. A battalion from the Ukrainian 57th motorized infantry brigade was defeated near the village of Suhoi Stavok. The remnants of the battalion are being eliminated completely at this moment. In order to send the Ukrainian troops across the river Ingulets, Ukraine sent 12 tanks, received from Poland. Some of the tanks were destroyed by the Russian forces. Several tanks blew up on a local Ukrainian minefield during their chaotic retreat. Only 5 Ukrainian tanks were able to reach the Ukrainian-controlled territory» — end of quote.

5 Yemen

The UN stated that the Yemeni rebels sent additional forces to the port-city of Hodeidah, in the east of Yemen — the ’Khabar’ reported on 31st of August while citing the statement of the UN mission in Hodeidah. It was noted that the UN expressed a concern due to the rebel forces that were sent into the area, which is considered to be neutral. Earlier, the rebels and the Yemeni authorities agreed that the port won’t be used for the military purposes. The dispatch of forces to that area may indicate the plans of the rebels to launch an offensive in the near future.

6 Ukraine

The Ukrainian troops opened massive fire in close proximity to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant — the press service of the city administration reported. The authorities spotted 23 artillery strikes. The US-made 155-mm М777 artillery pieces were used. There is no information about the casualties yet. The emergency services are on stand-by.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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