The Idlib Patrol Details


1 Russia — Turkey

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced on Monday that the negotiations, aimed to discuss the situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone, together with a military delegation from Russia, will begin on 10th of March, in Ankara. It is expected that the parties will discuss the details of the joint patrolling of the M-4 highway in Syria. The start of the patrol is scheduled for 15th of March.

2 Afghanistan

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, stated that on Tuesday he will sign a decree on the release of the captured Taliban fighters. Ashraf Ghani announced it during his speech after taking the oath of the head of Afghanistan. The words of the President of Afghanistan were quoted by ‘1TV’. Earlier, the vice-chairman of the Taliban mission in Doha, Abdul Salam Hanafi, noted that if the issue of the release of the prisoners isn’t resolved — the holding of the inter-Afghan negotiations may not happen.

3 Sudan

An attempt was made on the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamduk, in the city of Khartoum. This was announced during a press conference in the Sudanese capital city by the Minister of Culture and Information — Faisal Saleh. In the morning, an explosive device exploded near a passing motorcade of the Prime Minister, after which »the convoy of the government vehicles was fired upon» — end of quote. The Prime Minister wasn’t injured.

4 Netherlands

A trial of the individuals, suspected of involvement in the crash of the flight ‘MH17’ in July of 2014 has started in the Netherlands. The Dutch court considers 4 Russians as the defendants in the case of the crash of the flight ‘MH17’. The trial is being attended by the lawyers of the accused. According to the judge — the meeting is designed to determine the current state of the case. The judge also noted that the court has yet to decide if it should continue the investigation of the ‘MH17’. The trial is taking place during disagreements between Russia and the West as to whether the results of the investigation can be trusted. Earlier an independent news platform ‘Bonanza Media’ published a number of documents, indicating that according to the Dutch side — the tragedy occurred in the area in which there were no ‘Buk’ air defense systems. During the airplane crash — some Ukrainian fighters were spotted in the sky.

5 Pakistan

25 people died as a result of an accident in the province of Gilgin-Baltista, in north of Pakistan. The driver of a minibus lost control on one of the sharp turns. As a result — the minibus fell off a cliff into the river. All the passengers died — the deputy commissioner of the city of Skardu stated. The Emergency teams are currently trying to extract the bodies of the dead from the river.

6 China

The search of the 22 people that remain under the rubble of the hotel that collapsed on the evening of 7th of March continues in the eastern Chinese province of Fujian. By the morning of 9th of March, the rescuers were able to find and retrieve 49 people from the rubble. 10 of them died from the injuries. The hotel collapsed in the city of Quanzhou. According to the officials — 71 people were trapped under the rubble. The hotel was used to temporarily quarantine those who were in a contact with people, infected with the new corona-virus. No official information was published about the reasons of the collapse. The local mass media reported that the hotel was under repair. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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