The Kurds accuse Turkey of using phosphorus


1 the USA — Syria

Ilham Ahmed, the chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council’s executive committee, which is the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces, while speaking in the US Congress accused Turkey of using phosphorus during their military operation in north of Syria. According to her — Turkey used «phosphorus against the civilians». She noted that the Kurds have no opportunity to conduct an expertise. She stated that 250 people were killed due to Turkish actions. Most of them were children. Another 300 people were reported as ‘missing’. 300,000 people left their homes. Some ISIS terrorists escaped from prisons, as well as a half dozen of French citizens, and two Belgian citizens.

2 Russia

An American strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress imitated a bombing of the Russian Baltic Fleet base in the Kaliningrad Region — »RIA NEWS» reports with a reference to the data from the monitoring web-site »PlaneRadar». The bomber took off from the Fairford Air base in the UK. At 15:40 by the Moscow time, the bomber approached the Kaliningrad region. Earlier, the command of the US Armed Forces in Europe reported that two strategic bombers B-52H Stratofortress made a training flight over the Black Sea — they practiced a training bombing of the Crimea.

3 the UK

On Wednesday, the EU member states agreed on the need to provide another delay for the Brexit. They have not yet approved the exact date during which the Brexit will take place — »The Guardian» reports. A source of ‘The Guardian’ in the EU structures specified that the parties plan to postpone the Brexit for 3 months. It is expected that the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU countries will meet again on Friday in order to discuss the postponement of the Brexit. The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, recommended to the leaders of 27 EU countries to postpone the Brexit to 31st of January, 2020, after receiving a corresponding request from London.

4 Russia — Serbia

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a division of S-400 AA systems, and a battery of Pantsir-S AA systems will take part in the »Slavic Shield-2019» military exercises. The first stage of the exercises was held back in September, in the Astrakhan region. The second stage will last until 29th of October 29, in Serbia. «The Russian air defense units, namely S-400 AA missile systems and the Pantsir-S AA missile and autocannon systems, were deployed in Serbia in order to participate in the second stage of the »Slavic Shield-2019» air defense exercises» — the ministry explained and added that the S-400s and Pantsir-S «will take part in the military exercises on the territory of a foreign state for the first time».

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