The protests in Venezuela led to casualties


The White House has prepared an official statement of the US President Donald Trump on the introduction of a state of emergency — TASS reports with a reference to the CNN. According to the CNN, Donald Trump’s statement was recently edited on the last week, and now it bypasses the Congress, and involves the allocation of $ 7 billions of dollars needed to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Earlier, Donald Trump said that he has every right to declare a state of emergency in the country if he can’t reach an agreement with the Congress on the funding of the border wall with Mexico.

George Soros announced that the policy of the Donald Trump’s administration isn’t tough enough for China. Currently, the relations between the United States and China are in a state of a cold war, but there is a danger of them going “hot” — said George Soros. According to him — “an effective policy on China shouldn’t become a mere slogan. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump follows a different course of action. He makes concessions to China. He declares a victory while renewing attacks on the US allies. This could undermine the goals of the US policy to curb the abuses and excesses of China » — said George Soros. According to him, China is a rich, strong and technologically advanced country, which makes Xi Jinping the most dangerous opponent of the United States.

As it became known to the military reporters of ANNA NEWS — the Kurdish «Forces of Democratic Syria» took control over the last outpost of terrorists on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. It was reported that in the village of Bagoz-Faukani, 470 surrounded ISIS terrorists surrendered. In addition, the Kurds were also able to cut off the remnants of the defeated terrorists from the border with Iraq. Earlier it was reported that the American forces, currently leaving Syria, handed over modern weapons to the self-defense forces of the Syrian Kurds.

During the protests in Venezuela that are still going on from 21st of January — up to 364 people were detained — TASS reports while citing the statement of the executive director of the non-governmental organization »Venezuelan Criminal Forum» — Alfredo Romero. According to the organization — during the protests over the past few days — at least 26 people died. On 23rd of January, large anti-government demonstrations were organized by the opposition in Venezuela. Clashes with the security forces occurred in a number of regions. Those clashes led to casualties.

A draft bill on the Internet protection has been submitted to the US House of Representatives. The draft includes measures against Russia and China in the matter of Internet regulation. The project defines Washington’s cyberspace policy and defines the requirements that the United States intend to demand from other countries in this issue. Among other things, the project assumes that the other countries shouldn’t store Internet data on their territory, RIA NEWS reports. At the same time, the project doesn’t provide the specific counter-measures, like sanctions. The explanatory note explains that the project makes up the international cyber policy of the US that, in their turn, promote «democratic principles» and reject «attempts of Russia and China to achieve even greater control and censorship on the Internet». Other sources of threats in the cyberspace include Iran and North Korea.

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