The Russian government has resigned


1 Syria — An attack on an air base in Homs (8.00)

«The Government Air Force Base ‘T4’, located in the province of Homs, was attacked by combat drones and missiles» — the Syrian state agency SANA reports. The Syrian air defense systems counter-acted on the air attack on the ‘T4’ Air Base. According to ‘Al-Akhbar’ TV channel — the attack was carried out by a military aircraft — it launched several missiles, most of which were shot down. 4 missiles reached their targets, the airfield was damaged. ‘SANA’ reports that Syria blamed the Israeli armed forces for attack on the ‘T4’ airbase.

2 Iraq — An attack on a US base (8.00)

The US military base ‘At-Tazhi’ in Iraq, that currently has stationed American troops, was attacked with rockets. The base is located about 30 km north of Baghdad. According to Iraq — the base was attacked by MLRS. »The US-led coalition troops had no casualties» — the coalition spokesman, Colonel Miles Cuggins, announced on Twitter.

3 Iraq — The US will cut military aid to Iraq (8.00)

‘The Wall Street Journal’ reports that the United States plan to reduce their military aid to Iraq if Iraq continues to demand the withdrawal of the US troops. ‘The Wall Street Journal’ refers to the electronic correspondence from the US officials, in which the representatives of the US State Department and the Defense Department discussed the reduction of the military aid to Iraq by $250 millions of dollars. It was noted that the final decision hasn’t been made yet.

4 Libya — An International Conference in Berlin (8.00)

The «Al-Hadath» TV channel reports while citing their sources that the commander of the Libyan National Army, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, will take part in the Berlin conference, aimed to resolve the situation in Libya. No official statements were received from the command of the Libyan national army or from the field marshal himself so far. It was noted that the head of the Government of National Consent, Faiz Sarraj, also received such invitation. The international conference on Libya at the level of the heads of states and governments will be held in Berlin on 19th of January.

5 Libya — Arrival of the fighters of the Syrian opposition (12.00)

»The Guardian» reported on their own website that the Syrian armed opposition, supported by Turkey, sent about 2,000 fighters to Libya to support the Government of National Consent, headed by Faiz Sarraj. About 650 fighters arrived in Tripoli at the end of 2019. More than 1,000 fighters arrived in Turkey on 5th of January, where some of them undergo training at the training camps in the south of Turkey. »The Guardian» reported that the fighters of the Syrian opposition signed contracts with the Government of National Consent for half a year. According to the contracts — they will receive $2000 of dollars per month.

6. Russia — The yearly message from the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly

The annual message of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly was held today at the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’. It lasted for 1 hour and 12 minutes. In his message, the president outlined the main directions of the country’s development, and set tasks for the government and the parliament. The discussion went about the education, healthcare, changes to the Constitution of Russia, and the program of maternity capital and family support. During the proposals, announced by the president to amend the Constitution, which are likely to make significant changes to a number of articles of the Constitution — the Russian government resigned in its entirety. This was stated by the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, during a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the cabinet. Vladimir Putin instructed the government to perform its duties until the formation of a new cabinet. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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