The Russian pilot Yaroshenko was exchanged for an American who attacked the police


1 Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that Moscow and Washington carried out an exchange of an American man, Trevor Reed, previosly jailed in Russia, for a Russian pilot, Konstantin Yaroshenko. This result was achieved after a long negotiation. In 2011, Konstantin Yaroshenko was sentenced by an American court to 20 years in prison. He was detained in violation of international law in Liberia, accused of trying to transport a large volume of drugs, and later transferred to the USA. He never admit his guilt. The family of Konstantin Yaroshenko and the Russian diplomats have repeatedly stated that he was kept in bad conditions. During his imprisonment, his health got much worse. The prison authorities denied him of medical attention. His family wasn’t allowed to visit him. He was able to see his loved ones for the first time in 2018.

2 Russia

During a security conference, dedicated to south of Russia, Nikolay Patrushev, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, stated that it is necessary to ensure the reliable operation of a system that would allow to make emergency notifications to the population of the south of Russia. «It is very important that all the civil defense installations must be put in a proper condition» — he explained. He asked the Russian Ministry of Health to control the interaction with the border regions in the provision of medical care. Mobile medical teams can be involved in this matter. It is also important to ensure the chemical and biological safety of the regions.

3 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that «Kaliber» cruise missiles destroyed the hangars near the ’Zaporozhye aluminum factory’, inside of which there was a large batch of weapons and ammo that were supplied by the USA and the European countries to the Ukrainian forces. The Russian Ministry of Defense added that over the past day, the Russian aviation hit 59 targets in Ukraine. Among them were 50 areas of concentration of infantry and armor, 4 warehouses with weapons and ammo, and 1 ’Buk-M1’ anti-aircraft missile system. Over the past night, the Russian rocket and artillery forces carried out 573 fire missions. The Russian anti-air forces shot down a Ukrainian tactical missile «Tochka-U» near one of the settlements in Donbass.

4 Russia

The FSB detained several men in the Belgorod region who were preparing acts of sabotage against the Russian forces. They were also sending information about the Russian servicemen, involved in the special operation to protect Donbass, to the infamous website ’Peacemaker’. The FSB reported that the arrested men were going to damage the train tracks. They planned to derail a train, damage the military equipment, and cause casualties. They had been preparing for the sabotage for a long time by carefully tracking down where and at what time the trains were going.

5 The Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

The Foreign Minister of the unrecognized Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, Vitaly Ignatiev, stated on 27th of April that Ukraine was behind the explosions in the village of Kolbasna. The perpetrators of the attacks were seen by the video cameras. There is an evidence that they escaped to Ukraine. Vitaly Ignatiev added that the authorities of the republic are doing everything possible to prevent an escalation in the region.

6 Syria

At least 4 Syrian servicemen died from missile strikes at north of Damascus. The Syrian forces noted that their AA troops managed to intercept most of the incoming missiles that were fired by Israel. However, as a result of the missile strikes, 4 servicemen were killed, 3 were injured. According to the preliminary data — the targets of the missiles were cargoes with weapons and ammo.

7 Ukraine

The Russian Investigative Committee reported on their website that at least 16 armed groups have been formed in Ukraine. The groups are made of mercenaries from more than 50 countries. The so-called «International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine», formed exclusively from the foreigners, is being paid by the Kiev authorities. “The investigation is collecting the data for the following prosecution” — the report concluded. Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, recently stated that there are about 400 foreign mercenaries at the ’Azovstal’ factory in Mariupol. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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