The Russian units prevented the Ukrainian neo-Nazis from capturing the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station


1 The DPR

The DPR forces, supported by the Russian forces, continue to develop the offensive. Igor Konashenkov reported that the DPR forces liberated the towns of Mikhailovka and Vasilievka. They are fighting for the town of Verkhnetoretskoye. The LPR forces are fighting for Severodonetsk. The Russian forces over the past 24 hours have disabled 130 Ukrainian military facilities, including anti-aircraft missile systems, detection and target designation stations, command posts, and 7 warehouses with weapons and ammo.

2 Russia

The pro-Nazi government in Ukraine could receive nuclear weapons in the near future against Russia — Vladimir Putin stated during a meeting about the measures of socio-economic support for the Russian subjects. He added that components of biological weapons were created on the territory of Ukraine. The traces of those developments, which were carried out with a help of the USA, are being covered up. Putin added that Ukraine has been ignoring and sabotaging the Minsk agreements for 8 years. At the end of 2021, Ukraine publicly refused to implement the agreements. Putin added that the special operation in Ukraine is going according to the plan. The tactics of the Russian Ministry of Defense fully justified themselves. During the military special operation aimed to protect the population of Donbass, everything is being done to avoid the losses among the civilians. Putin added that Russia doesn’t plan to occupy Ukraine.

3 Russia

The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, had a telephone conversation with Joe Biden’s national security aide, Jake Sullivan. He called on Washington to stop supporting the neo-Nazis and other terrorists in Ukraine, and to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. He explained that such steps can only lead to a further escalation.

4 Ukraine

The Russian forces prevented the Ukrainian neo-Nazis from capturing the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant. The facility is currently controlled by the Russian National Guard. Previously Ukraine gave up the hydroelectric power plant without a fight. The local para-military guards laid down their weapons and went home. The battalion-tactical group of the Russian Guard, together with other Russian forces, successfully repelled the attack of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis who were trying to recapture the station. The Russian forces had no loses. It was underlined that the hydroelectric power plant is a strategic facility. The workers are currently returning to their work places.

5 The DPR

Disturbing news from the DPR. The DPR representatives at the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire reported that the Ukrainian troops shelled the settlements of Yasinovataya and Panteleymonovka in the DPR.

6 Ukraine

The Russian-Ukrainian negotiations are being held daily, online. The dialogue isn’t progressing as fast as Russia would like — the head of the Russian delegation, Vladimir Medinsky, stated. He added that clear goals were defined, the movement towards which takes place while taking into account the interests of Russia. According to these conditions, Ukraine must be a peaceful, independent, and neutral state, not included in any blocs. A country with which Russia can build good neighborly relations, and which won’t be used for anti-Russian aggression. A whole range of issues related to the size of the Ukrainian forces is being discussed. Ukraine offers an Austrian or Swedish version of a neutral demilitarized state, but at the same time — a state with its own army and navy.

7 Ukraine

In a video address to the US Congress, which was broadcast live by the American TV channels, Vladimir Zelensky asked to provide Ukraine with air defense systems, including the S-300, as an alternative to the no-fly zone over Ukraine. Zelensky called on the USA and the allies to «impose new sanctions» against Russia, and against all the Russian politicians who remain in office. The CNN reported while citing an unnamed senior US official that the USA and the NATO allies are sending multiple surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine to help with the air defense.

8 Russia

«Ukraine shows their war crimes as war crimes of the Russian forces» — the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated. After his negotiations with his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, Sergey Lavrov spoke about how the Russian military and diplomats are gathering the evidence of Ukrainian war crimes. Sergey Lavrov added that during the contacts with the West, Russia points out the un-acceptability of ignoring the shelling of the civilians by the Ukrainian forces. He added that the West takes a «biased and indecent» position in relation to what is happening in Ukraine. Meanwhile the photo and video fakes with the so-called ’’Russian war crimes’’ are being considered credible. Sergey Lavrov considers such inhumane double standards to be unacceptable. Mevlut Cavusoglu called for a ceasefire in Ukraine in order to solve the humanitarian problems. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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