The settlement of Zaitsevo is under attack once again


On 8th of April, the village of Zaitsevo was shelled by the Ukrainian forces. Three 82-millimeters mortar shells hit the streets of the settlement. An automatic grenade launcher was also used during the shelling.

 A resident of the village of Zaitsevo told how he manages to live on the contact line. “The distance till the enemy, the Ukrainian troops,” — says Igor — “is two streets and a field. One of the streets is almost completely empty. People are living here for 5 years under daily shelling. They farm and hope for the improvement of the situation after the elections in Ukraine”.

 The filming crew of ANNA News visited the positions of the DPR troops. These positions were under massive artillery fire from the Ukrainian army, conducted right before the elections in Ukraine. The filming crew personally recorded the craters left from the tank shells and 120-mm mortar shells.

 The Ukrainian troops opened fire on the Vasylievka pumping station, near the village of Yasinovataya. The staff took refuge in the shelter. This was reported by the representatives of the DPR at the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime. «The Ukrainian troops opened fire on the settlement of Vasylievka by using the weaponry of the infantry fighting vehicles, large-caliber machine guns and small arms» — the report announced.

 The Coordinator from the OSCE in Donbass humanitarian subgroup, Tony Frisch, met with the captured Ukrainian soldiers in the detention center in Lugansk — the LPR representative in the humanitarian subgroup and the head of the group for the exchange of the PoWs, Olga Kobtseva, announced. She clarified that the prisoners, visited by Tony Frish, were determined by Kiev. The list also includes individuals that aren’t being held captive by the LPR. “Unfortunately, Ukraine wasn’t interested in visiting all the people, detained due to the conflict on our territory, by Mr. Frisch” — Olga Kobtseva concluded.

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