The situation in Kazakhstan is tense || Спецвыпуск 09.01.2022


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS, I am Constantine Reztsov.

The situation in Kazakhstan remains tense. There is information about shootings in several cities of the country. Peacekeeping forces from the Collective Security Treaty Organization are being currently deployed in the country.

On the evening of 8th of January an information was received about a shooting on the Republic Square, in the city of Alma-Ata, where the Kazakhstani police are conducting an operation against the looters. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan didn’t confirm such information. The locals meanwhile are posting videos with gunfire sounds on the social media.

There were reports about shootings in the city of Taldykorgan. According to an unofficial information, the red level of terrorist threat was announced in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan.

More peacekeepers from the CSTO are being sent to the country. Servicemen from Belarus and Armenia have arrived in the country on 8th of January. The transfer of Russian airborne troops, usually stationed in the Ulyanovsk and Ivanovsk regions, is being carried out at the moment, as well as the 45th separate special-purpose brigade of the Russian airborne forces.

On 1st of January, protests began in Kazakhstan, caused by an increase in prices for the liquefied gas. The government agreed to reduce the price from 120 tenge to 50 tenge in the Mangistau region. It caused similar protests in other regions. On 4th of January the protests took place in the country’s former capital city of Almaty.

The local National Guard and armored vehicles were sent to the city. On 5th of January, the protesters attacked the policemen, and occupied several administrative buildings, thus taking control over the city of Almaty. Mass looting took place. The Kazakh authorities turned to the CSTO for help, which launched a peacekeeping operation in the country.

The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay tuned

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