The Syrian army is attacking the terrorists


1 Syria

The »Al-Masdar» news website reported that the Syrian army launched rocket and artillery strikes on the positions of the terrorist group »Jebhat al-Nusra» located near Afis, in the province of Idlib. It was underline that over the past few days, the Syrian high command repeatedly stated that it won’t tolerate the clusters of terrorist groups in the area. The Syrian military underlined that a construction of an outpost in Afis by the terrorists and the following deployment of their reinforcements is a threat to the government troops deployed in the south and east of Idlib. It also violates the ceasefire agreement from 5th of March on the north of the de-escalation zone. The »Al-Masdar» reported that the Syrian artillery also attacked the terrorist bases of the »Turkestan Islamic Party», which repeatedly bombarded villages in Idlib and Hama, which are protected by the Syrian troops.

2 Syria.

The SANA reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled an Israeli air attack near Palmyra, in the eastern province of Homs. The Syrian air defenses managed to intercept several incoming missiles above Palmyra before they reached the ground targets. The »Al Mayadeen» reported that the Israeli airplanes launched missiles at the military facilities located north of the Palmyra Airport. The TASS news agency reported that the representatives of the IDF refused to comment on the reports of the Israeli attacks in the Palmyra region.

3 Lebanon

Lebanese protesters started a protest in their own cars during a legislative meeting of the parliament. The action was associated with the public unrest, caused by the economic crisis and the lack of jobs — the RIA NEWS reports. It was reported that small car columns formed in different parts of Beirut and in the suburbs. The activists conduct their protest in the compliance with the rules, established by the current epidemiological emergency regime in the country, made to fight the coronavirus. According to the participants — such an action is a continuation of the massive anti-government movement that began on 17th of October — it was aimed against the economic policies of the authorities, and against the corruption. Previously, several mass protests took place in Tripoli, in north of Lebanon. The protesters remained in the central square even after the start of the curfew. They demanded the authorities to take the necessary measures, and «prevent people from starving to death.»

4 Iran

The Iranian Supreme Court spokesman, Golyam Hossein Ismaili, announced that the Iranian authorities have temporarily released more than a 1,000 of foreign prisoners from their prisons due to the threat of the coronavirus. The Iranian authorities made such decision to release a number of prisoners, which is related to the spread of the coronavirus, in early March. The Supreme Court chief, Ebrahim Raisi, stated that «the prisoners are released in such way in order to not endanger the public safety». It was noted that in total, about 100,000 people took advantage of such vacation from the Iranian prisons.

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