The Taliban attacked the Afgan army


1 Afghanistan

The ‘TOLOnews TV’ reportsed, while citing a representative of the governor of Tahar province of Afghanistan, that 19 Afghan army soldiers were killed and 5 more were injured during a Taliban attack on the government outposts on Monday night in the province of Tahar. Earlier on Saturday, the Taliban movement released 60 Afghan servicemen. Mohammad Sohail Shahin, an official representative of the Qatari Taliban political office, told to the TASS news agency that the Taliban still insists that their supporters must be released on the basis of the peace agreement with the USA, without any preconditions, and not on the basis of a decree from the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. «The Taliban will begin the inter-Afghan negotiations only if all 5,000 prisoners are released at the same time, or within a short period of time» — the Taliban spokesman stated.

2 the USA

«The Seattle Times» reports that in the state capital of Washington, Olympia, 2,000 people gathered for a protest. They demanded to lift the restrictive measures, and partly re-open the local enterprises — dental clinics, construction companies, car sales centers, and so on. It was underlined that the protesters did not comply with the rules of the social distance. Only some of them had masks. Some of them brought their children as well. According to »The Seattle Times» — some Republican Party supporters were among the protesters. One of them, Robert Sutherland, who represents the Granite Falls district, one of the most affected by the epidemic in the state, came to the rally with a gun, and called for a revolution. According to him — if the authorities take rough measures to ensure the implementation of the restrictive measures — «they will see what is a real revolution». The State Governor Jay Insley announced that he respects the right to freedom of speech, but such events won’t affect his actions in the fight against the coronavirus. «This is not a matter of a political struggle — it is a matter of maintaining of the health of all the residents of the state» — the governor explained.

3 Canada

17 people were killed as a result of the shooting in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia — the CBC reports while citing the Canadian National Police Commissioner — Brenda Lucky. On Sunday night, 51-year-old Gabriel Worthman opened fire in the town of Portalik, and then in a number of other settlements within a radius of 50 km from the town. The following police operation against the offender lasted for 12 hours. It was reported that Worthman was dressed in a police uniform and he was traveling in a patrol car, but he wasn’t a policeman. He was killed in the city of Anfield, during a fire fight with the police. A Canadian Royal Mounted Policewoman died during the shootout. An another policeman was injured. The motives of the criminal have not yet been established. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

4 the US

The Japanese newspaper ‘Sankei’ reported with a reference to the US Air Force command that the US recalled the B-52 strategic bombers from the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean and relocated them to a military base in North Dakota. ‘Sankei’ reported that the bases on Guam are in the potential strike zone of the Chinese medium-range missiles. Therefore it was decided to pull back the bombers from a potential strike from China, and use them more flexibly in Washington’s global plans. According to the Sankei — the Pentagon does not rule out a new temporary transfer of the aircraft back to Guam.

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