The terrorists shot down a Syrian army helicopter


1. Syria

The ‘Al Hadath’ TV reports that on Tuesday the Syrian forces took an operational control over the strategic highway Damascus-Aleppo. It was reported that during the operation — the Syrian military pushed out the terrorists from their outposts that were located on the last section of the highway, between the cities of Hama and Aleppo.

2 Syria

On Monday, the Syrian army repelled the terrorist counter-attack near the city of Sarakib, in the province of Idlib. The terrorists tried to regain the positions that they lost during the Syrian offensive. The Syrian army repelled the attacks, and liberated an another village near the city of Sarakib. The settlement of Talhia, located 3 km away from the former military airport ‘Taftanaz’, was liberated by the government forces. The ‘Al-Hadath’ TV reported that the Turkish troops provided fire support to the terrorists. According to the ‘Al-Hadath’ TV — the Syrian artillery fired at the airfield. The command post of the armed groups of the Syrian opposition and the observation post of the Turkish troops are located at the airport. According to the Syrian mass media — the government forces fired back after the Turkish artillery attack.

3 Syria

5 Turkish soldiers died, 5 were injured during a shelling in the Syrian Idlib, on Monday. According to the Turkish Ministry of National Defense — the Syrian government forces carried out an intensive artillery shelling. In response, Turkey attacked 115 targets of the Syrian army. This was reported by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey. Ankara announced that Turkey does not intend to abandon the observation posts in the de-escalation zone in Syrian Idlib, despite the death of the Turkish servicemen. During the talks with the Russian delegation, Turkey announced to Russia that it is necessary to stop the attacks of Syrian troops on the Turkish observation posts in the Syrian province of Idlib.

4 Syria

A Syrian military helicopter was shot down by the so-called Syrian armed opposition — ‘TASS’ reports with a reference to the TRT channel, which showed the footage from the scene. The newspaper ‘Turkiye’ reported that the helicopter was shot down near the village of Sarakib, in the province of Idlib.

5 Syria

The ‘Al Mayadeen’ TV reported that the Syrian army repelled a massive attack of the Syrian armed opposition near the village of Neurab, located north of Sarakib, in the province of Idlib. It was reported that the terrorist organization «Jebhat al-Nusra» took part in the attacks on the positions of the Syrian government troops.

6 Turkey

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he will announce the new measures against Damascus on Wednesday, 12th of February, due to an attack on the Turkish military in the Syrian Idlib. “They will pay a heavy price for attacking our military. Tomorrow I will announce the steps that we will take” — the Turkish leader announced during his speech in Ankara. The Syrian Foreign Ministry responded that the Turkish actions in Idlib and Aleppo violate the Syrian sovereignty. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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