The Turkish army fired on the Kurds in Syria


1 China — India

Zhang Shuili, a spokesman for the Chinese Army’s Western Command, announced that the Indian military had illegally crossed the control line in Ladakh and «fired warning shots at the Chinese border patrol soldiers who were ready to negotiate» — the »Global Times» quoted Zhang Shuili. According to him — the Chinese military was forced to take counter-measures to stabilize the situation. It was noted that the incident took place in a mountainous area, near the southern shore of the lake Pangong Tso. China demanded India to »immediately cease the dangerous maneuvers, and pull out the troops that crossed the line of control». As well as conduct a serious investigation of this incident, and take measures to prevent a recurrence of this situation. Zhang Shuili underlined that the Indian military had severely violated the agreements. The ‘Times of India’ confirmed the opening of fire in Ladakh while citing their sources.

2 China — India

The ‘Hindustan Times’ reported while citing the Indian military sources that the Indian and Chinese militaries are holding emergency talks in order to normalize the situation on the control line in the eastern Ladakh. «The negotiations are taking place at the level of the commanders of the army units of India and China» — The ‘Hindustan Times’ quoted their sources. Earlier, the Chinese military stated that the Indian military opened fire into the air. The Chinese army demanded to end the provocative actions on the border in Ladakh, as well as to investigate the incident and punish the guilty. The Indian Ministry of Defense blamed the Chinese army for the provocations at the control line — the ministry stated that the Chinese forces tried to get close to one of the forward Indian units on the control line, but they were stopped. The Chinese army fired several shots in the air, in an attempt to intimidate the Indian soldiers.

3 Syria

The Kurdish news agency «Firat» reported that the Turkish artillery fired at the Kurdish communities to the north of Aleppo. The villages of Miranaz, Shevarga, and Al-Malikiya were shelled by heavy artillery and mortars. There was no information about the casualties and injuries among the civilian population. Previously there were some clashes in the same area between the Kurdish militiamen from the »People’s Self-Defense Forces» and the pro-Turkish armed opposition. The Kurdish militiamen have conducted several attacks against the opposition forces. As a result, there were killed and wounded in their ranks.

4 Iraq

The »Al Sumaria» TV reported while citing a statement from the Iraqi security forces that on Monday evening, a civilian logistical convoy of the coalition forces was attacked near Baghdad. According to the Al Sumaria — an IED exploded at the route of the convoy, belonging to a supply company, in the Al-Taji area. The explosion happened when the convoy was leaving an Iraqi base, in which some American troops are stationed. There were no casualties during the attack. One security vehicle received minor damage.

5 The UAE — Israel

The Reuters reported that the first official visit of a delegation of the UAE to Israel may take place on 22nd of September. The possible trip will be a response to the visit to the UAE by the chairman of the Israeli National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabbat, along with an entire delegation, on 1st of September. The decision on the visit has not yet been made. A source of the Reuters clarified that the final agreement on the trip could be reached after the announcement of the date of signing of the agreement between the UAE and Israel.

6 Belarus

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced on their telegram channel that the participants of the Belarusian, Russian and Serbian exercises «Slavic Brotherhood-2020″ will arrive in Belarus from 10th to 15th of September. The exercises will be held under the command of a representative of the special operations forces of Belarus. The training will be attended by the servicemen of Belarus, Russia and Serbia. »The servicemen will work on the joint actions aimed to combat the terrorism» — the Belarusian defense ministry explained. On 2nd of September the chiefs of the general staffs of the Armed Forces of Russia and Belarus, Valery Gerasimov and Alexander Volfovich, discussed the issues of the military cooperation between the two countries. The parties also discussed the preparations for the joint exercises «Slavic Brotherhood — 2020» on the territory of Belarus, and the strategic command and staff exercises «Caucasus — 2020», which will be held in Russia. Constantine Reztsov, special for ANNA NEWS.

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