The Turkish army shells the province of Raqqa


1 Nagorno-Karabakh

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that 64 military vehicles — APCs and trucks — were delivered to Armenia over the past day. «During the day, the Russian cargo planes IL-76 and An-124 made 22 flights from the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airfield. 64 vehicles and other special equipment were delivered to Armenia. The cargo included APCs, off-road trucks, tank trucks, excavators, and other material and technical support vehicles» — the message stated. After the cargo planes landed, the delivered personnel and military equipment were grouped for their departure to Nagorno-Karabakh. «The convoys are being covered from air by Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters» — the Russian Defense Ministry added.

2 Syria

On Monday the Kurdish news agency ‘Firat’ reported that the Turkish artillery shelled the Syrian villages in the Raqqa province. The villages of Kozeyli and Hirbet Bakr, located to the west of the border town of Tell Abyad, reportedly were heavily shelled. As a result of the shelling there is some destruction and casualties. Earlier the settlements of Hushan, Al-Halidiya and Kur-el-Hasan, near the city of Ain Issa, which is located on the strategic Aleppo-Hasakah highway, were shelled as well. There was no information about the injured civilians.

3 Afghanistan

The ‘Tolo News’ TV reported, while citing their police sources, about a Taliban attack on a police post in the north-eastern Afghan province of Badahshan. The attack reportedly killed at least 12 police officers, and injured 10. The attack on the police post took place on the night from Monday to Tuesday. During the attack, the Taliban managed to set 2 tanks on fire, capture some weapons, and also capture 4 police officers. The Taliban losses were not reported.

4 The USA — Iran

The ‘New York Times’ reported while citing their sources among the current and former US officials that during a meeting on 12th of November, the US President Donald Trump was dissuaded from attacking an underground uranium enrichment plant in the Iranian city of Natanz. It was reported that at the last meeting, Donald Trump was interested what options, regarding the nuclear facility in Natanz, he has in the coming weeks. The US Vice President Michael Pence, the Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, the Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces Committee General Mark Milli, and others dissuaded the US President from using force. It was noted that the strike on the plant in Natanz could turn into a large-scale conflict in the Middle East. According to ‘The New York Times’ — it could be a missile, or a cyber attack. Earlier the ‘Reuters’ reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency, in their confidential report, concluded that Tehran continues to ramp up the levels of low-enriched uranium above the level, set by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Iranian nuclear program.

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