the UK supported the termination of the INF treaty


The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, criticized Donald Trump’s decision to suspend the INF treaty. She said that despite the fact that Russia, allegedly, violated the INF treaty — the refusal of the United States to follow the treaty «creates unacceptable risks». «Donald Trump’s administration creates a risk of an arms race. They undermine the international security and stability» — said Nancy Pelosi, who holds the third most important position in the US state hierarchy. She urged the White House to «Put all diplomatic efforts, and work closely with NATO allies» just so the United States won’t be involved in a «dangerous arms race», and so they can «choose the right strategy» to guarantee the security of the United States. “We have to be strong and smart” — she concluded.

Police of the Northern Ireland reported on the shooting in the city of Londonderry, in the area of Ballymagroarti. The shooting caused injuries — TASS reports. According to the Belfast Telegraph, 2 people were wounded and later taken to a hospital. The Belfast Telegraph reports on two shooting incidents on Friday night, in two different parts of Londonderry. Earlier, on 19th of January, a car exploded in Londonderry, near the local courthouse. The responsibility for the explosion was claimed by the group «Irish Republican Army». The group ceased its terrorist activities 20 years ago.

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General, commented on the US decision to suspend their obligations on the INF treaty. He announced that the NATO has no plans of transferring of the ground-based nuclear missiles to Europe. “NATO doesn’t intend to deploy ground-based nuclear weapons in Europe. We shouldn’t mirror Russian actions” — the Secretary General said. “But at the same time — we must ensure that we have reliable and effective deterrents». Jens Stoltenberg also added that the NATO is studying the consequences of the alleged infringement of the INF treaty by Russia.

The US Department of Energy has decided to ban its employees from taking part in programs, aimed to attract the talented personnel, made by the authorities of China, Russia, Iran, the DPRK, and a number of other countries — The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday with a reference to the statement made by the Deputy Minister Dan Brullette. He explained that the ban was introduced to «protect the interests of the United States in the fields of national security and science». The ban applies to the employees of the department, to the scientists, currently working by contracts, and to potential receivers of the grants of the Ministry. They also won’t be able to travel by the invitations to the relevant events, or share their experience with their colleagues from the above-mentioned countries — The Wall Street Journal reports. The ban was initiated in accordance with the policy of the administration of the US President Donald Trump. The policy is aimed to oppose the theft of the American technology and intellectual property.

The British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, expressed his complete solidarity with the US decision to suspend the implementation of the INF treaty. The suspension was announced on Friday by the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, TASS reports. He also added that if Russia won’t change its course of action in six months — the responsibility for the termination of the treaty will lie on Russia. «I fully agree with the decision of the United States. Russia has the opportunity to choose a different path in the next six months. If Moscow decides to continue the undermining of the international rule-based system — it will become clear to Britain and our allies that only Russia is responsible for the ending of the INF treaty «- Jeremy Hunt concluded.

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