The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked gas rigs in the Black Sea


1 Russia

The head of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, reported on Telegram that at 8 AM, the Ukrainian forces attacked the drilling platforms of the ’Chernomorneftegaz’ company. “I am in touch with the colleagues from the Russian Ministry of Defense and the FSB. We are saving the workers. 5 people have been rescued, 3 of them were injured. The search for 7 more workers continues» — Sergey Aksyonov reported. Recently, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, Aleksiy Goncharenko, stated that on 20th of June the Ukrainian forces launched a missile attack on the Russian gas rigs in the Black Sea, near the city of Odessa. Ukraine considers the so-called «Boyko towers», which are located 100 km away from Odessa, and 150 km from Crimea, to be Ukrainian property. Ukraine claims that the Russian forces use the platforms for surveillance and for electronic scouting.

2 Russia

The Ukrainian forces shelled the Russian village of Suzemka, in the Bryansk region of Russia. 1 local man was wounded. The local grid and a private house were damaged. Windows were shattered in two apartment buildings. The Ukrainian firing point was suppressed by the Russian return fire — the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, reported on the telegram. The Ukrainian forces sometimes shell the territory of the Russian border regions. The settlements of the Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk regions are the usual targets.

3 Donbass

The commander of a Cossack regiment, involved in the fighting in Kamyshevakha, in the LPR, reported that the mercenaries from Poland suffer serious losses in that area. “We can clearly hear Polish speech, and commands. They actively use their silent 60-mm mortars and drones with bombs” — the commander of the Cossack regiment reported. He clarified that these were not individual Polish mercenaries, but a well-organized detachment of mercenaries. The RIA NEWS reported that the Cossacks and Chechen fighters operate in mixed assault groups. Their mission is to liberate the settlements of Zolotoe-2 and Gorskoe.

4 Donbass

A lieutenant-colonel of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Andrey Marochko, stated on-air of the Russian TV channel ’’Perviy Kanal’’ that the Ukrainian forces, surrounded in the chemical factory ’’Azot’’, are starting to negotiate and even install white flags at some locations. According to him, the LPR forces communicate on open radio channels with several Ukrainian commanders who report about the poor situation of the troops, and the fact that they were abandoned by their high command. Andrey Marochko added that recently the Ukrainian forces tried to establish new supply lines across the Seversky Donets river with rafts and small boats, but the efforts were severely insufficient. Andrey Marochko concluded that all these circumstances force the Ukrainian forces to negotiate.

5 Russia

On 20th of June, the press service of the Russian Northern Fleet reported that the Russian nuclear-powered missile submarines from the Northern Fleet carried out a training attack on a fleet of a training enemy in the Barents Sea via launches of Kalibr and Granit cruise missiles. «Nuclear missile submarines of the Northern Fleet launched a missile attack on training enemy ships in the Barents Sea. A complex target position, simulating a squad of landing ships of a training enemy, was successfully hit by Kalibr and Granit cruise missiles at a distance of about 200 kilometers» — the press service reported. ’’The training was conducted with the Yasen-class nuclear missile submarine «Severodvinsk», and the Antey-class nuclear missile submarine «Smolensk» — the press service specified.

6 The EU

The EU High Representative for Diplomacy and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, stated during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg that all countries, wishing to buy food and fertilizer from Russia can do so freely, as there are no barriers. «Those who are engaged in economic activities should be aware that these products from Russia are not under our sanctions. They can buy those products, they can transport the products, they can insure it too» — Josep Borrell told to the reporters. He added that the global food prices are rising precisely because of the military actions in Ukraine, and due to the Russian blockade of the Ukrainian grain in the ports. Not because of the European sanctions against Russia — the RIA NEWS reported. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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