The Ukrainian nationalists demand Zelensky’s resignation


1 the DPRK — Japan

North Korea ran new missile tests by launching missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan. The »Yonhap» news agency reports while referring to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. According to the South Korean military — the missiles were launched from the coastal city of Wonsan, in the south-east of the DPRK. The Japanese agency »Kyodo» reports that one of the missiles reached the Japanese exclusive economic zone. There is no information yet on any damage to the Japanese ships or aircraft. «Tokyo expressed its protest to North Korea after the missile launches on the morning of 2nd of October» — the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told to reporters. «Such ballistic missile launches are a violation of the UN resolutions. We have expressed our strong protest, and we condemn the launches» — he concluded. The DPRK have, probably, tested new ballistic missiles.

2 Ukraine

On Tuesday night, Ukrainian nationalists from the »National Corps» political party began their perpetual protest outside the office of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. They are protesting against the signing of the ‘Steinmeier formula’ by Kiev. The protesters consider the agreement on this formula to be «the way to surrender for Kiev», and they demand the resignation of Vladimir Zelensky from the post of president of Ukraine. According to the publication «Ukrainian News» — about 700 people gathered for the protest. The office building of the president is under the protection of the Ukrainian security services. Later, the political party »Golos» demanded a closed parliamentary meeting at which the President Vladimir Zelensky should explain the essence of the signed “Steinmeier formula». The party underlined that they are against holding any elections on Donbass as long as Ukraine doesn’t have a solid control over its border with Russia. The party of the ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko “Batkivshina” considers the Steinmeier’s formula to be “unacceptable”, and its signing is considered to be »a direct threat to national security, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine».

3. The Netherlands

The majority of the Dutch MPs spoke in favor of investigating the role of Ukraine in the crash of the Malaysian Boeing aircraft in Donbass back in 2014. The parliament calls the government to use every opportunity to “fully investigate the facts” in relation to Ukraine. In particular, it is indicated that Ukraine was supposed to close the airspace over the region where the fighting was conducted — the ‘RTLnieuws’ reports. So far, the Dutch government hasn’t taken any action against Ukraine. The House of Representatives wants to take the first step. The «Party of Christian Democrats» and the «Socialist Party» insist on the investigation, with the support from other political forces.

4 Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky met with the leaders of parliamentary factions in the Ukrainian parliament. »He clarified the situation with Kiev’s approval of the Steinmeier formula” — said David Arahamia, the head of the presidential political party »Servant of the People». According to him, the fact of agreeing on the formula is an exclusively technical step, needed for holding a meeting of the leaders of the «Norman Four». Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian parliament’s foreign policy committee, Bogdan Yaryomenko, said that Ukraine “didn’t sign anything” and voiced the “red lines” of the elections in Donbass. «We must gain control over the territories in which the elections of local authorities will take place. All these ‘red lines’ are clearly outlined by the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky» — he explained. According to the president, a provisional law on a special procedure for the local self-government in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will only come into force when the local elections are held in the republics in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution and legislation.

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