The Ukrainian troops blocked in Severodonetsk


1 Donbass

The LPR Defense Ministry spokesman, Andrei Marochko, reported that the LPR forces surrounded the Ukrainian forces in the city of Severodonetsk. «At the moment, the escape routes for the Ukrainian forces from the city of Severodonetsk — the city limits itself — are cut off. There are only 3 bridges that they could use to escape. One bridge was destroyed. The second bridge can’t survive and military equipment since it is in a critical condition. The third, the ’’Proletarian Bridge’’, is under our control. Anyone who tries to leave the city will be destroyed» — he explained. According to him, the LPR’s People’s Militia now control the entire territory of the LPR. The surrounded Ukrainian forces have 2 choices left. «The first is to lay down their weapons and keep their lives. The second choice will kill them all» — Andrei Marochko concluded.

2 Donbass

The artillery forces of the LPR fired special shells loaded with propaganda leaflets that call the Ukrainian servicemen, surrounded in the city of Severodonetsk, to lay down their weapons. The propaganda leaflets call the Ukrainian servicemen to stop their resistance and lay down their weapons. The leaflets contain the instructions on how to properly approach the LPR forces and surrender.

3 Ukraine

The reporters of the ANNA NEWS discovered that a batch of M113s is being prepared for a shipment to Ukraine from Poland, as part of the US military aid. Previously the Russian forces have already encountered them in Syria. Several dozen Turkish IVFs ’’ACV-15’’, which are a modern modification of the M113, were destroyed in Syria. Some were hit by the aircraft, the others were destroyed with ATGMs. Previously, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania and even Australia announced the supply of various modifications of the M113.

4 Switzerland — Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmitry Kuleba, stated that «Turkey was the best» among the countries that offered a negotiation platform for Ukraine and Russia. He believes that the meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul was the culmination of the negotiation process. During the economic forum in Davos, Kuleba stated that the negotiations failed after the Istanbul meeting. He added that he doesn’t even remember the last time when the negotiating working committee met. According to Kuleba, Russia constantly makes statements like «Ukraine doesn’t want to talk to us» in order to divert the attention. Recently, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to speed up the acquisition of Russian citizenship for the residents of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Kuleba stated that if Russia truly wanted negotiations in good faith — Russia wouldn’t have done that action. The Ukrainian minister added that all wars end thanks to diplomacy. Russia continues to get its way with tanks, artillery, and aircraft.

5 Russia — Austria

Vladimir Putin and the Chancellor of Austria, Karl Nehammer, held telephone conversations in which they discussed the situation in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin reminded to Karl Nehammer that Kiev is obstructing the attempts of a peaceful settlement — the Kremlin press service reported. Putin pointed out that Kiev should clear the ports as soon as possible for the free passage of ships. «At the request of the Austrian Chancellor, Vladimir Putin gave his assessment of the situation of the special military operation, aimed to protect Donbass. He also informed about the work, carried out to ensure the safety of navigation in the waters of the Azov and Black Seas» — the Kremlin reported. Putin called the accusations towards Russia on the complication of the situation with the supply of agricultural products to be baseless. He also underlined the commitment of Russia to comply with the contractual obligations on the natural gas supplies to Austria — the RIA NEWS reported.

6 China

Zhu Fenglian, the spokeswoman for the Chinese State Council Office for the Taiwan Affairs, reported that China is ready to make every effort to achieve a peaceful reunification with Taiwan. China is also ready to use force and all the necessary measures against the external interference, and the separatists who advocate the independence of the island. The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, stated during a speech on the principles of the US-China policy, that the USA see China as «the most serious long-term challenge» to the international order. He added that the USA don’t support the Taiwanese independence — the USA oppose any one-sided changes to the status quo, and continue to help Taipei to maintain a sufficient defense capability — the TASS reported. Zhu Fenglian concluded that «By declaring a so-called «threat to Taiwan» or a change in the status quo, the USA are trying to pass black for white. Taiwan is a part of China. The Taiwan issue won’t tolerate any external interference» — end of quote. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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