The Ukrainian troops shell the civilian houses


On 24th of May, at about 11:30 AM, the Ukrainian troops opened fire from their positions near the settlement of Krasnogorovka at the residential sector of the village of Staromikhailovka. Heavy machine guns and small arms were used during the shelling. As a result — an electrical substation on the Dnepropetrovskaya street was damaged. 2 streets, Dnepropetrovskaya and Chkalova, were completely cut off the grid. Luckily there were no civilian casualties.

On the evening of 25th of May, the Ukrainian troops once again shelled the living buildings of the village of Aleksandrovka, near the city of Donetsk. The residents of the village once again compared the reign of Vladimir Zelensky with the years of 2014 and 2015 — back when there were fierce battles in Donbass.

The Ukrainian occupation forces continue their terror attacks on the civilian population of the DPR. They use weapons, received as a part of the military aid from the NATO countries. The troops of the 28th Ukrainian brigade fired from a 60-mm mortar and an anti-tank grenade launcher at the village ‘Trudovskaya mine’, to the west from the city of Donetsk. They fired 6 mortar shells and 6 anti-tank rockets at the peaceful village. A local gas pipeline was damaged as the result.

“In the year of 2020, the number of victims and the total damage from the Ukrainian shelling has increased by several times, compared to the last year” — the plenipotentiary representative of the LPR at the Minsk negotiations, the LPR Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vladislav Deynogo, stated during a briefing. “Since the beginning of the year, 1 citizen died in our territory. 17 were wounded. There were no casualties in 2019. 6 civilians were injured back then. The current numbers are 3 times higher than those from a year ago. This year, 18 residential buildings were destroyed. Over the same period during the last year, only 3 residential buildings were destroyed. The difference is 6 times. 154 houses were damaged during this year. Last year it was 84 houses. The difference is 2 times” — the minister concluded. He also drew attention to the fact that «the objectives of the shelling and the armed provocations of the Ukrainian side have shifted towards the maximum harm to the civilian population».

«During a video-conference of the contact group on Donbass during the last Wednesday, the Ukrainian delegation used destructive language, and they spoke in ultimatums» — said the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin. Earlier, the Russian representative in the contact group, Boris Gryzlov, stated that during the meeting of the contact group on Donbass — the Kiev delegation refused to take additional measures to comply with the ceasefire.


The tank regiments of the People’s Militia of the DPR were sent to the areas of their concentration, near the training grounds where their crews undergo training. During the training, the crews train in shooting and fire control, driving while firing, tactical training, and driving as part of platoon and company columns. During the training, the tank crews improve their firing skills with standard shells, as well as firing while driving in a defensive combat. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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