The Ukrainian troops tried to blow up an OSCE car


The Ukrainian troops tried to blow up a car of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission near the village of Artemovo, to the north-west from the town of Gorlovka — The People’s Militia Department of the DPR reported. According to the report of the OSCE mission from 20th of July — the monitoring mission staff were in the south-western part of the village of Artemovo in order to monitor the observance of the ceasefire next to the local phenol plant. At 12:25, they heard an explosion about 300 meters away from their position. The observers were unable to determine the type of used weaponry, and the direction of fire. They immediately left the area and safely reached their base in the city of Kramatorsk.

On 20th of July, on the eve of the Minsk Contact Group negotiations, the Ukrainian forces intensified their provocative shelling of the territory of the Republic. The village near the mine 6/7, near the town of Gorlovka, was shelled. A residential building on the Zabaikalskaya Street, house number 4, was damaged. On the same day the Ukrainian forces shelled the Vasilievskaya pumping station with 82-mm mortars and anti-tank grenade launchers.

On the evening of 21st of July the Ukrainian troops, stationed near the village of Vodyanoye, fired at the village of Vesyoloye. Several houses at the Kolkhoznaya Street were damaged. The house number 38 on that street caught fire from a direct hit of a 82mm mortar shell. The fire was extinguished at noon of 22nd of July. On the morning of 22nd of July the Ukrainian troops shelled the village of Zaitsevo, and the village near the mine 6/7. Houses number 1, 2, and 5 on the Rudnev Street were damaged. As a result of the Ukrainian shelling of the town of Gorlovka, a section of the water-supply pipeline, coming from the pumping station of the third lift, connected to the ‘Seversky Donets — Donbass’ canal, was damaged. At about 15:30 of the same day, the village of Kominternovo was shelled as well. Tracer ammo was used on large-caliber machine guns and small arms during the shelling. As a result — 3 houses on the Kirov Street caught fire.

As a result of a Ukrainian shelling on 21st of July — two residential buildings in the village of Veseloe, on the Kolkhoznaya Street, caught fire as a result of direct hits. A low pressure gas pipeline was damaged as well. The Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 4 times during that day. The Volvo Center in the city of Donetsk and the village of Aleksandrovka were shelled as well. There were no civilian casualties.

«The 35th International Committee of the Red Cross sent 7 trucks with humanitarian aid to Donbass» — the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported on Thursday. “Two convoys went through the Novotroitskoe checkpoint — the vehicles moved on the Kiev-Donetsk highway. The convoy delivered food packages, hygiene products, and building materials to the citizens, living in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine” — the message concluded. According to the press service, the ICRC sent 7 trucks to Donbass with 120 tons of aid. The International organizations regularly send humanitarian supplies to Donbass.

Andrey Taran, the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, announced that Kiev has the political will for a ceasefire in Donbass starting from 27th of July. He also expressed his hope for a mutual action from the other side. “The document which was agreed upon yesterday makes it possible for everyone to show their political will. Ukraine really does have such political will. We hope that the other side will also show the presence of such political will soon” — Andrei Taran stated on Thursday, during a conversation with the journalists. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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