Тhe US accused Iran of threatening of the security of the Western countries


1 the USA

John Bolton, the assistant of the US President for the National Security, made a statement that Iran and the Lebanese Shia organization ‘Hezbollah’ directly threaten the security of the countries of the Western Hemisphere. According to John Bolton, Iran and Hezbollah, allegedly, assist the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro in “repressing, torturing and killing of the innocent Venezuelans”. They also «directly threaten the security of the region» — TASS reports. “We will continue exposing the associates of Nicolas Maduro, and the Iranian activities in the Western Hemisphere” — said John Bolton.

2 Israel — Palestine

Israel began the preparations for the demolition of the Palestinian village of Sur-Baher, located in the suburbs of the East Jerusalem, right beyond the border barrier that separates Israel from the western bank of Jordan river — Interfax reported while citing Xinhua. According to the Xinhua — bulldozers and other construction equipment have reached the border barrier. The construction equipment was escorted by enhanced groups of troops and police. Back in June, the Israeli Supreme Court decided that the Palestinians violated the ban on the construction of settlements, and they must be demolished. The Palestinians are afraid that the destruction of the village will set a precedent for the demolition of other Palestinian settlements along the barrier that stretches for 700 km, across the Western Bank of Jordan river, currently occupied by Israel.

3 Japan

The currently ruling political coalition, led by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, won the elections to the upper house of councilors in the Japanese parliament — RIA NEWS reports. The coalition couldn’t get two-thirds of the seats that are required for the revision of the Constitution. In total, the Coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and the ‘Komeito’ Party received 141 seats. The opposition and other political parties received 104 seats in the Council.

4 Ukraine

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine hasn’t noticed any serious violations during the early elections to the Ukrainian parliament. The elections were declared as valid. This was stated by the head of the central election commission — Tatiana Slipachuk. “Today we can say that there were no such events that would question the parliamentary campaign. The campaign is over» — Tatiana Slipachuk explained. According to the data of the Central Election Commission, after processing 30.9% of the voting protocols, the leader of the election is the party “Servant of the People” — it is the party of the Ukrainian President — Vladimir Zelensky. After processing 50% of the electronic bulletins — the party has more than 42% of votes. In total, five parties are being elected to the Ukrainian parliament.

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