The US and the EU are preparing sanctions against Russia


The US and EU representatives almost reached an agreement on the new anti-Russian sanctions, made in response to the detention of the Ukrainian ships and sailors in the Kerch Strait — Interfax reports with a reference to the Financial Times. According to the diplomatic sources of the Financial Times — this issue could be discussed by the foreign ministers of the EU on 18th of February. The sanctions could be introduced within the next 2 months. It is expected that the sanctions will be against the «individuals and companies» that are directly related to the incident with the Ukrainian ships. The British TV channel ‘Sky News’ reported, while quoting the sources of ‘the Financial Times’, that «Britain and its several EU allies are trying to impose the new restrictive measures by the EU during the coming weeks»

2 China — Venezuela

The news reports about the negotiations between the Chinese diplomats and the Venezuelan opposition regarding the Venezuelan debt to China, and the Chinese investments in Venezuelan economy are fabricated — TASS reports while referring the statement of the official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying. «The entire news report was fake. Certain mass-media recently fabricated that information. Their goals remain a mystery to me» — Hua Chunying said. The Wall Street Journal previously reported that during the recent weeks Chinese diplomats and Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo held negotiations in Washington.

3 Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that during Monday, Israel attacked Iranian targets in Syria. He called it “a part of the work on the containment of Iran”, which Israel “conducts constantly” — TASS reports with a reference to ‘Kan’ radio. On 11th of February, it was reported that a hospital in the Syrian city of Quneitra was destroyed by tank fire from Israel. The local observatory was attacked as well.

4 the United States

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Nuclear Issues, Peter Fanta, during a conference on the nuclear deterrence, announced that the US nuclear arsenal, especially the warheads, needs modernization — TASS reports. «It is time to coordinate the efforts of the Ministries of Defense and Energy in order to create maneuverable, universal, improved nuclear warheads by the 2040s» — the ‘Defense News’ quotes Peter Fanta. »If it won’t be done» — the retired Rear-Admiral noted — »the United States will be at a risk of being unable to keep up with the technological development of the potential opponents»

5 Macedonia

The NATO expects that the procedure of ratification of the protocol on the accession of Northern Macedonia into NATO will take about a year. The completion of the procedures and the full membership is planned for the next spring — a NATO official told to the reporters on Wednesday. «We expect that the ratification of the protocol, which was signed with Macedonia, will take about 12 months. The parliaments are still carrying out this procedure. We expect the full membership by the next spring» — RIA NEWS quoted the official. Upon the completion of the ratification of the protocol on the accession into NATO by all 29 NATO states — the country with a new constitutional name — Northern Macedonia — will become a member of NATO, with the right to vote on all NATO decisions

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