The US are building military bases at oil fields in Syria


1 Syria — the USA

The Turkish news agency ‘Anadolu’ reported about the start of the construction of two US military bases in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, near the oil fields. According to the ‘Anadolu’ — one of the bases is being built at the current position of the 113th brigade, the second base — in the area of as-Sur. A large number of construction equipment is being involved in the process. Earlier it was reported that the USA deployed troops, armored vehicles, and heavy weapons to Syria.

2. India

An explosion occurred on Monday, in the capital of the north-eastern Indian state of Manipur, in the city of Imphal. At least 5 police officers and 1 civilian were injured — the »India Today» reports. An IED was planted on one of the city’s retail spaces. Currently, none of the extremist groups claimed the responsibility for the attack. Another explosion occurred in one of the markets in the Indian city of Srinagar, in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 3 policemen and 15 civilians were injured. 1 person died.

3 Iran

On Tuesday, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced the 4th phase of the reduction of the Iranian nuclear program obligations, starting from 6th of November. “Tomorrow Iran will begin the 4th phase of the reduction of its nuclear deal obligations” — the »PressTV» channel quoted Hassan Rouhani. According to him — «The 4th stage of reduction of obligations will begin with the injection of gas into the centrifuges at the nuclear facility in Fordo». Earlier, the official representative of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Mousavi, announced that all the efforts to fulfill their part of the obligations on the part of the European participants of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, mainly — France, haven’t brought clear results.

4. Russia — Turkey

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of the 2nd joint patrol of the Russian military police and the Turkish border troops. A patrol of 50 people and 8 armored vehicles will cover more than 160 km, including the area near the village of Kobani. «Starting from 12:20, 5th of November, 2019, the 2nd joint patrol of the Russian military police and the Turkish border troops began their work in a new border area, located a few kilometers north from the village of Kobani» — the Ministry reports. The patrols take place as part of the Sochi agreements between Russia and Turkey, reached on 22nd of October.

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