The US forces are ready to return to Afghanistan


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’. I am Constantine Reztsov.

The pulling from Afghanistan has yet to be done, but the US forces are preparing for a possible return to Afghanistan. This was confirmed during a hearing in the congress by the deputy secretary of defense on the intelligence and security matters in the current US Administration, Ronald Moultree.

Supposedly his department will make sure that after 20 years of operations in Afghanistan, the Pentagon remains ready, with everything it needs, just in case.

“There is a high probability that we will have to return. The ’Al Qaeda’ may reappear after the Taliban’s advances. They threaten the USA” — the congressman and Afghanistan War veteran Mike Waltz stated and added that for this purpose, the US military must be prepared and have the necessary information at hand.

In February of 2020, the USA, during the Trump presidency, signed an agreement with the Taliban on peace and the pulling of the US troops. The new democratic administration did not cancel the agreement in early 2021.

In April, Joe Biden decided to pull all the troops from Afghanistan by 11th of September, 2021. The decision went against the recommendations of the military.

Currently about a half of the US troops had left the country. Experts fear that without a Western military presence in the country, the radical Islamic movement will quickly take back its place in the civil war.

In addition, the pulling of the foreign troops, coordinated by the US politicians and the Taliban, created difficulties for the American special services. The CIA is urgently looking for an alternative base for its operations to monitor the situation in the Middle East.

In the recent months the Taliban intensified their activity and began capturing one area after another, approaching Kabul. In the past two days, after some heavy fighting, the terrorists captured the strategically important area of Ishkamish, in the Takhar province, which makes it easier for them to attack the areas nearby.

The government security forces, lacking the ammo and without the air support, suffered casualties and were forced to leave the areas.

The ANNA NEWS agency follows the events. Stay tuned

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