the US military will guard oil fields in Syria


1 the USA — Syria

The White House intends to send 500 US troops to protect the oil fields in north-east of Syria, currently controlled by the »Syrian Democratic Forces» — Interfax reports while citing ‘The Wall Street Journal’. A senior Pentagon official told to the ‘Newsweek’ that the US plan to send up to 30 Abrams tanks to the north-east of Syria. According to the ‘Fox News’ — the heavy equipment could be concentrated in Deir ez-Zor province, next to the Conoco gas processing facility. The Pentagon announced that the US are «enhancing the positions» in order to prevent «the return of the oil fields to the ISIS and other destabilizing entities», since they are »the most important sources of income for the terrorists».

2 Syria

A clash of Turkish and Syrian forces took place in north-east of Syria, near the city of Tal Tamr — the ‘Associated Press’ reports. According to the agency, the Syrian forces were on defence. Several Syrian soldiers were killed. The Turkish troops also had a skirmish with the Kurdish forces. Mazlum Kobani Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-Arab alliance ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’, said on Thursday that Turkey and its allies are still fighting in the Ras al-Ain area, despite the announcement of the end of their military operations in Syria. The presidents of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, agreed to resolve the situation in north of Syria without a bloodshed. After their negotiations, the operation of the Turkish troops in Syria was suspended.

3 Russia — Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported about the transfer of 300 military policemen to Syria from Chechnya. According to the ministry, the policemen flew from an airfield in North Ossetia. They will help to pull the Kurdish troops out from the border area with Turkey. Also they will be engaged in the public safety, and the maintenance of the law and order. According to the agreements of the presidents of Russia and Turkey, Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan, starting from noon on Thursday — the Russian military police and the Syrian border service will be send to the Syrian side of the border with Turkey, right outside the zone of the operation «Source of Peace». After the Kurdish forces leave the area — the joint patrol of the area by the Russian and Turkish military will take place within 10 kilometers of the Turkish-Syrian border, with the exception of the city of Kamyshly.

4 Iraq

2 people died during the new protests in Baghdad — TASS reports while citing the ‘Sky News Arabia’. According to the channel — several thousand protesters gathered on Friday morning in Tahrir Square, in central Baghdad. The crowd moved towards the Al-Jumkhuriya bridge, leading to the «green zone» — the carefully guarded area in which the foreign embassies and government agencies are located. The protesters tried to break through the cordons of the security forces. They were stopped and pushed back to the square. The law enforcement officers actively used tear gas. About 90 people were injured. According to the Ministry of the Internal Affairs — 60 officers were injured during the riots.

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