The US State Department has officially called Russia an enemy of the United States


This is a special program from the ’ANNA News’. I am Constantine Reztsov. Today we will talk about the fact that the US State Department have officially called Russia an enemy of the USA. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo plainly announced during a TV interview that Russia is on the list of the US enemies.

“Everyone is constantly asking me who is our enemy. Many people want to break our way of life, our republic, our basic principles of democracy. Russia is on our list” — Pompeo stated.

He added that Russia is, allegedly, responsible for all the recent cyber attacks, reported by the US mass media. Most likely he meant the recently discussed hacker attacks on the American government agencies, including the cyber attacks on the US Energy Administration, the US Atomic Energy Agency, and the corporation ’Microsoft’.

However, according to the US secretary of state, China is on the top of the list of the US enemies, since China continues to pose a greater threat to the USA than Russia.

In December, the Pentagon, the US Navy, and the US Armed Forces Unified Command noted in their reports that China and Russia threaten the US national security. The two countries interfere in the US dominance at sea, on land, in the air, in space, and in the cyberspace as well.

The Russian Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federal Council believes that such statements, made by the US politicians about Russia as an «enemy», discredit the image of the USA.

“The American enemies are within America itself — at the very top of the American political elites. One needs to look for the enemies in there, since the US political elites undermine not only the internal foundations of the American society with their actions — they also taint the relations with all countries, including such influential countries as Russia” — the RT news channel quoted a member of the Russian Federal Council, Sergei Tsekov.

The Russian senator added that Russia «isn’t even slightly evil or an enemy of the USA», and over time the Americans «will mature enough to not make such statements anymore.»

The ’ANNA News’ follows the developments of the events. Stay tuned.

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