The US use the pandemic against Assad


1 Syria

«The US are shamelessly using the global coronavurus problem to discredit the Syrian leadership, and to push their agenda about an alleged inability of the Syrian government to effectively counter the spread of the new coronavirus in the country» — this was stated in the joint statement of the inter-agency coordination HQs of Russia and Syria «On the problems of the return of the Syrian refugees and the internally displaced persons back to their homes». The statement also noted the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the ‘Rukban’ camp, since there is no control over the sanitary-epidemiological situation in the territories, controlled by the USA. The USA use false «humanitarian» statements to convince the world community of the need for an urgent international aid to the camp to secretly support the terrorists. It was also reported that there are 19 cases of coronavirus in Syria.

2 Italy

The regional council of the Italian region of Piedmont together with the pandemic crisis committee sent an official request for aid to the Russian experts. The request was formally submitted to the Department of Civil Protection with an approval from the governor, Alberto Cirio — the TASS News Agency reported while citing the head of the »Brothers of Italy» political party, a member of the council, Maurizio Marrone. “We ask you to consider our appeal on sending a part of the specialists, who arrived with the »From Russia with Love”mission, to carry out their disinfection operations and other activities needed to fight the coronavirus. We know about their effective work in Lombardy, and how they sent medicines to Puglia — an area that is less affected by the pandemic than Piedmont» — the statement said.

3 Russia — Saudi Arabia

Russia and Saudi Arabia will produce no more than 8.5 millions of oil barrels per day in order to implement the new OPEC+ agreement, starting from May to the end of June — the final communique of the alliance countries stated after their last meeting, the RIA NEWS reported. According to the statement — the OPEC+ agreed to reduce their oil production in 3 stages, from the level of October of 2018.

4 Russia

The Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a video-conference with the ISS crew that he is planning new negotiations with the foreign partners on the oil problem, and on the situation with the spread of the new coronavirus. He mentioned the interaction of Russia and the US in space as an example of a successful international cooperation. “Yesterday I discussed these problems with the US President. We still have some conversations to do on this very subject” — Vladimir Putin concluded.

5 China — the USA

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, stated that the Chinese authorities actively protest the intention of the USA to revoke their own license for the »China Telecom» — the leading Chinese telecommunications corporation in the USA. The company is being suspected of activities that «pose a threat to the US national security». “We insist that the USA must abide by the principles of the market economy, stop making such mistakes, and stop politicizing the economic issues under the pretext of a protection of their national security” — the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated.

6 South Korea — the USA — Iran

The »Yonhap» news agency reported that South Korea made an agreement with the USA on the issue of the humanitarian supplies to Iran — Korea may resume their deliveries in May. It was reported that Seoul received a license from Washington that allows the South Korean companies to avoid the US sanctions. It was noted that South Korean companies should carefully check their Iranian counter-agents so that the supplied goods, including medicines and medical equipment, are being used for their intended purposes. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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