The USA and the DPRK didn’t reach an agreement


The USA introduced their draft resolution on Venezuela, TASS reports. The American draft resolution calls for «the start of a political process that would lead to free and fair elections», and it’d «prevent further degradation of the humanitarian situation, and deliver aid to Venezuela». In the draft resolution, the UN Security Council is invited to «support the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela, and urge the UN Secretary-General to use his power to ensure the holding of new presidential elections». The elections in Venezuela in May of 2018 are being considered illegitimate. Russia also submitted a draft resolution to the Security Council. It calls for a peaceful resolution of the crisis through dialogue, which includes the mechanism that worked out in Montevideo. The document expresses «concern about the threats of violence against the territorial integrity and political independence of Venezuela. Moscow proposes to the UN Security Council to urge the parties of the conflict in Venezuela to settle down peacefully, in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution»

2. Vietnam

The dinner of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, which was planned after the negotiations on Thursday in Hanoi, was canceled at the last moment — Interfax reports with a reference to Bloomberg. Both leaders left the hotel where the summit was held. It was noted that the signing of a joint statement, which was announced yesterday, won’t happen either. Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman of the White House, explained that an agreement wasn’t reached during the summit. The parties are waiting for their next meeting in the future. Later, Donald Trump said that all the sanctions, imposed by the US against North Korea, will remain, even though the DPRK wanted them to be lifted. He noted that Pyongyang was ready to make concessions in the matter of denuclearization. However, Washington isn’t yet ready to meet the DPRK’s desire to lift all the sanctions. Donald Trump added that the US-DPRK summit was productive, but the parties decided to not sign any agreements.

3 Pakistan — India

Pakistani military violated the ceasefire, and shelled several villages in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Asian News International reports. According to the ANI — the incident occurred in Punch district. The Indian army managed to repel the shelling. On 27th of February, the Pakistani army reported that two aircraft of the Indian Air Forces were shot down in Pakistani airspace. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry explained the air strike as a demonstration of their readiness for self-defense.

4 the USA — Pakistan — India

Pakistani ambassador to Washington, Asad Khan, announced that Islamabad wants a more active involvement of the US in the resolving of the conflict between Pakistan and India. “Naturally we would like to see more active involvement of the United States” — TASS quotes the diplomat. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a telephone conversation with the Indian National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, said that Washington supports New Delhi’s decision to attack the terrorist training camp in Pakistan. Later, Donald Trump promised «pretty good news» about the conflict between India and Pakistan. According to him — the United States became an intermediary between the parties. On Tuesday, the Indian Air Forces attacked a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. After that, the Pakistani military shot down two aircraft of the Indian Air Forces. Both sides shelled each other with small arms and mortars.

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