The USA are afraid of the S-400 || Breaking News, 9th of January, 2019


The Russian Permanent Representative to the OPCW, and the Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Alexander Shulgin, announced that Russia won’t support the endowing of the OPCW with new functions, and Russia won’t pay to a special fund, established to create the needed IT infrastructure. «We absolutely don’t hide the fact that we won’t pay for the attribution, imposed by the West. We hope that our closest partners will do the same» — the Russian representative said in an interview, published on Wednesday in »Izvestia». The budget of the OPCW will be increased by about $ 2 million in favor of the attribute mechanism.

In the coming weeks, an American delegation will arrive in Turkey to express their concerns about the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems by Ankara — said Ismail Demir, the head of the Turkish Defense Industry Administration. He said that Turkey «constantly hears about possible problems and threats to the American F-35 fighters in connection with the S-400s». He underlined that Ankara «always informed their partners» about their own actions, TASS reports with a reference to »Hurriyet Daily News». Ismail Demir added that this discussion is going on for more than a year. Before that, an expert group “never came to Turkey in order to clarify all possible technical risks” — even though Ankara has repeatedly offered to make such a visit.

Mevlut Chavushoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister, spoke in favor of a joint control, together with Russia and Iran, on the withdrawal of the American troops from Syria. Mevlut Chavushoglu stated that the United States «face some difficulties in the process of pulling their troops out of Syria». Ankara wants to “coordinate this process together with Russia and Iran, with which Ankara has established coordination in the framework of the Astana process» — TASS reports while citing the NTV. The minister added that this is necessary »Just so the terrorist organizations won’t take the vacant seat after the USA leave».

Shinzō Abe’s Special Assistant for the Foreign Policy, Katsuyuki Kawai, announced that Tokyo counts on the US support during the conclusion of the peace treaty with Russia, RIA NEWS reports while referring »Kyodo» news agency. According to Katsuyuki Kawai — such support could be a counterbalance to the growing influence of Beijing. He also commented on Shinzō Abe’s visit to China during last October. According to him — the visit was “strategic”, since it contributed to the easing of the tensions between the countries. However, as Katsuyuki Kawai emphasized, Japan won’t join the Chinese project «One Belt — One Way.»

The Secretary General of the NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, announced that due to the growing uncertainty in the world, and the enhancement of the cooperation within the NATO — it is necessary to bring the military expenses of the NATO countries up to 2% of their GDP. In particular, he said that «Russia, for many years, violated the INF treaty». In his opinion, this «could lead to the destruction of the system of agreements on the prohibition of the nuclear weapons». Stoltenberg also added that the issue of the military spending is quite relevant, since many countries, mostly the United States, consider the distribution of the spending within the NATO to be unfair. He added that one should not assume that the development of a common defense of the EU could replace the transatlantic defense cooperation.

Germany and France intend to actively interact with each other in order to ensure that Berlin obtains a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. This was stated in the new agreement on cooperation between Germany and France, which will be signed in Aachen on 22nd of January, parts of which were published by the newspaper »Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung». The agreement also mentions the plans of establishment of a joint council on defense and security matters. Berlin and Paris agreed to develop a new agreement in January, during last year. This agreement provides the economic integration, cooperation on the defense and security, foreign policy, promotion of German-French interests, enhancement of the competitiveness of Germany and France, as well as the enhancement of the interaction between civil societies.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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