The USA are withdrawing their troops from Saudi Arabia


1 Saudi Arabia

«The Wall Street Journal» reports while citing their sources in the Pentagon that the USA are reducing their military presence in Saudi Arabia. Washington will relocate 4 AA missile batteries ‘Patriot’ since the threat to the US strategic interests, posed by Iran, has declined. According to »The Wall Street Journal» — the USA have pulled out 2 fighter squadrons from the Middle East. Several dozen servicemen are being recalled from Saudi Arabia as well. The Pentagon will soon consider a reduction of the number of warships in the Persian Gulf. The US Defense Department considers it important to pay more attention to the Chinese military presence in Asia — »The Wall Street Journal» concluded.

2 The USA — Syria

The US Federal Register stated on their electronic database that the US President Donald Trump has extended the one-sided sanctions against Syria for an another year. The restrictive measures that Washington consistently introduced against Damascus from 2004 to 2012 remain in effect. The document claims that the Syrian leadership, led by the President Bashar al-Assad, «allows violence and human rights violations», allegedly supported by Russia and Iran. The USA are »calling on the regime of Assad, and his supporters, to stop their brutal war, introduce a ceasefire all over the country, and ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to all Syrians» — the statement concluded.

3 Russia — Israel

The Kremlin’s press service reported that a telephone conversation took place between the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the conversation the parties discussed the situation in Syria. «Important issues of the mutual agenda, as well as various aspects of the development of the situation in Syria, were discussed» — the report stated. The parties agreed to perform regular interactions between the relevant departments of the two countries as part of the research and development of a vaccine against the coronavirus. The Kremlin’s press service noted that Putin and Netanyahu believe in the necessity to preserve the historical truth of the 2nd World War. The parties also congratulated each other with the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The Kremlin’s press service clarified that the telephone conversation took place by an initiative from Israel.

4 Russia — Italy

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian military experts, together with the Italian military personnel, completed the disinfection of the elderly houses and the nearby areas in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy. Due to the completion of the Russian humanitarian operation in Italy, the Russian military transferred to the Italians their field hospital in Bergamo, which was deployed by the specialists of the Russian Ministry of Defense to provide the assistance. The field hospital was transferred with the medical equipment and supplies as an act of a humanitarian aid. The representatives of the authorities of the city of Bergamo, located in the Lombardy region, expressed their gratitude to the Russian doctors.

5 Georgia — Ukraine

The Georgian Foreign Minister, David Zalkaliani, stated that the Georgian authorities decided to call back their ambassador from Kiev for consultations after the appointment of the Georgian ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili as the head of the Ukrainian executive reforms committee. «The appointment of the person, who was convicted and is currently wanted in Georgia, as a strategic partner became the basis for a decision to recall the Georgian ambassador to Ukraine, Teymuraz Sharashenidze, for consultations» — the press service of the Foreign Ministry quoted David Zalkaliani. Georgia won’t break the diplomatic relations with Ukraine due to the appointment of Saakashvili as the head of the reform executive committee. The decree from the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on the appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili was published on Thursday.

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