the USA explained the incident with diplomats


1 Russia

The spokeswoman for the US Embassy in Moscow, Rebecca Ross, explained for what purpose, according to Washington, the American diplomats were in a close proximity to the secret training ground of the Russian Navy. Rebecca Ross explained that in the USA, the Russian diplomats «travel around to learn more» about America. The American diplomats also “travel around Russia in order to better understand it” — she said. Rebecca Ross called it a “part of normal diplomatic activity” — RIA NEWS reports. Earlier, the US diplomats received permission from the Russian Ministry of Defense to travel to the city of Arkhangelsk. Later they were removed from the train heading to the city of Severodvinsk — they were trying to get into a closed zone without the needed documents.

2 Russia

Russia officially submitted to the UN a proposal to transfer the work of the First Committee of the General Assembly on the Disarmament Issues from New York to Vienna or Geneva — a source in the committee said. “The document was submitted to the committee” — a source of the TASS said. The UN Under Secretary General for the Legal Affairs, Miguel de Serpa Suarez, supported the position of Russia regarding the violation by the USA of their own obligations, related to the agreement on the UN HQ, due to the refusal to issue visas to a part of the Russian delegation.

3 Syria

During the talks on Syria, the USA agreed with the conditions of Turkey to create a 30-kilometer security zone near the Turkish border, which will be controlled by the Turkish forces — said the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, after the negotiation with the US Vice President Mike Pence. According to the document, the Kurdish National Self-Defense Forces will be pulled out from the security zone. Their heavy weapons should not remain inside the zone. All their fortified positions will be destroyed. The leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazlum Kobani, welcomed the ceasefire in north of Syria. He specified however that the Syrian Democratic Forces would not agree to the presence of the Turkish forces in the region, and the Syrian Kurds also rejected the Turkish offer to enter the Syrian territory 30 km deep.

4 Syria

On Friday, the Turkish Armed Forces resumed their attacks on the city of Ras al Ain in north-east of Syria, despite the ceasefire agreement with the US — TASS reports while citing the »Al Mayadeen». According to the Syrian news agency SANA, the Turkish military launched artillery attacks on several villages located near Ras al Ain. »Al Arabiya» TV channel reports that the militants of the Syrian opposition groups that fight on the side of Ankara attacked the humanitarian convoy, heading to Ras al-Ain. The Turkish authorities have yet to comment on this information.

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