The USA extended the duration of sanctions against Venezuela — Breaking News, 6th of March, 2019


An Indian soldier was injured during an artillery shelling coming from Pakistan-controlled territory in the state of Jammu and Kashmir — NDTV reports. The TV channel reported that the Pakistani army opened ‘unprovoked’ artillery and mortar fire in the Punch district several times. The Indian army fired back. The results of the return fire are unknown — TASS reports. According to ‘The Times of India’ — over the past week, on the line of control that separates the armies of India and Pakistan, in the disputed Kashmir, more than 60 cases of the cease-fire violations took place. At least 4 civilians died. A few more people were injured.

2 the United States — Turkey

Robert Palladino, the representative of the US State Department, announced that if Turkey buys the Russian S-400 AA missile systems — the United States intend to reconsider the agreements on the participation of Ankara in the F-35 fighter program — Interfax reports. “We warned Turkey clearly that a potential purchase of the S-400s would lead to a reconsideration of the Turkish participation in the F-35 program, and to the risks, related to the transfer of arms in the future” — Robert Palladino told on a briefing. He added that it could also lead to the sanctions from the United States in accordance with the ‘Law on Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions’ — CAATSA for short.

3. the United States — Venezuela

Elliott Abrams, the US special envoy for Venezuela, didn’t rule out that the State Department could introduce ‘secondary sanctions’ against the foreign individuals, legal entities, and even governments that cooperate with the people in the Washington’s black list for Venezuela. According to Elliott Abrams, the imposition of the secondary sanctions against individuals, companies, and foreign governments that do business with the companies, related to the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and his government is “undoubtedly possible” — TASS reports. He added that the decision will depend »on the behavior of the Venezuelan authorities», as well as the organizations themselves. On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that the US administration is extending the duration of all sanctions against Venezuela.

4 Syria

The US military practically sabotaged the humanitarian operation, aimed to evacuate the refugees from the Rukban camp by the Syrian authorities by not giving the security guarantees to the bus columns heading in the area, controlled by the US — says the emergency joint statement made by the inter-agency coordination HQs of Russia and Syria — RIA NEWS reports. The US are trying to shift the responsibility for what is happening by misinforming the world community with allegations that the conditions for the return of refugees are unfit by the UN standards. The statement underlined that while the residents of the camp “are being held by the US-controlled gangs as hostages — there won’t be any humanitarian convoys sent to the camp”. Russia and Syria called on the world community, the United Nations, and the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to «stop being silent and state their position. Take steps rather than limit themselves to statements of concern about the fate of the Syrian refugees»

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