The USA will impose sanctions against German companies


The Arab-Kurdish groups of the Syrian Democratic Forces, currently operating in the east of Syria, announced that they have detained four ISIS terrorists — RT reports with a reference to the press service of the Syrian democratic forces. As it was noted — two of them have Russian citizenship, one — Turkish, the last one is a citizen of Afghanistan. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces — this group was deployed to carry out terrorist attacks in the city of Rakka, where they organized terrorist cells.

Over the past day, the Ukrainian troops fired at the territory of the DPR seven times. Grenade launchers and small arms were used during the shelling. Also, the Ukrainian Forces violated the ceasefire two times by firing on the territory of the LPR. 82-millimeter mortars, weapons of infantry fighting vehicles and automatic grenade launchers were used during the shelling. No civilian casualties, or damage to the civilian infrastructure was recorded.

On Saturday, 11th of January, the Ukrainian forces shot down an OSCE drone that was monitoring the snow cleaning on the highway T-0504, in the town of Popasnaya. Apparently, they confused the observation drone with the one that Donbass Republics use, and thus they fired six bursts from small arms upon it. The international observers failed to return their downed UAV.

The US media reported that Donald Trump, allegedly, hid from the US administration the details of his meetings with Vladimir Putin over the past 2 years in 5 places. After that, the US President explained on air to the Fox News that he has conversations, like everyone else, when he just sits next to the leaders of the different countries, and he doesn’t keep anything in secret. The issue caught the attention of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress. As Eliot Engel, the co-chairman of the committee, said — “Every time Donald Trump meets with Putin — the country doesn’t know anything about it. America deserves the truth, and the US House of Representatives Committee on the Foreign Affairs intends to get to the bottom of this matter, and hold special hearings on this issue.”

US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, sent letters to the German companies in which he warned them about the possibility of sanctions from Washington due to their support of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline — TASS reports with a reference to the text of the message published by «Bild am Sonntag». As the ambassador explained — “if European gas supplies through Ukraine become redundant due to the Nord Stream 2 and the Turkish Stream — Kiev will lose its importance in the field of security policy, which will increase the risk of intervention by Russia”.

The roof of the coal mine «Baji», located in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, have collapsed. As it was reported by Xinhua News Agency — the incident occurred on Saturday, around 6:00 pm — local time. At the time, 87 people were working in the mine. 21 person died under the rubble. 66 managed to safely climb up from the mine. The cause of the collapse is unknown, an investigation is underway.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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