Тhe USA will limit the activity of the Chinese IT companies


A strong fire took place in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. An explosion at the site of an illegal fuel extraction from a pipeline killed at least 21 people. More than 70 were severely burnt and injured, »El Universal» reports. The explosion and the following fire occurred at the central part of Mexico, in the Tlauelipan area. Dozens of people were illegally extracting fuel on the site at that moment — TASS reports. All the local residents, living around the site of the incident, were evacuated. According to the latest reports — the firefighters managed to extinguish the fire. This was announced by the governor of the region — Omar Fayyad.

The Donald Trump’s administration plans to significantly limit the activities of the telecommunications companies, controlled by the opponents of the United States, on the territory of the United States — TASS reports while citing «Bloomberg». According to the sources of Bloomberg — Donald Trump’s administration is preparing an executive decree that would give the US Department of Commerce even greater control over the execution of the transactions, done by the companies that are connected with the opponents of Washington, which includes China. The administration threatens the Chinese companies, associated with the authorities of China, with significant restrictions. The preparation of this decree takes place during the difficult trade relations between Washington and Beijing, and during the mutual introduction of import duties.

The documents of PACE that infringe the rights of the Russian delegation contradict the Charter of the Council of Europe that establishes equal rights of all member-countries — said Alexander Grushko, the deputy head of the Russian foreign affairs department. “We have a legal conclusion that is quite clear — it points out the existence of a serious contradiction of the PACE documents with the rules on the procedures, regulations, and statutory documents of the Council of Europe” — RIA NEWS quotes Alexander Grushko. As the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister explained — the difference between the approaches of the PACE and the European Committee should be fixed. Otherwise — any country could be subjected to a discrimination for purely political reasons.

A meeting between the US President Donald Trump and Kim Yong-Chol, the head of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers Party, has ended in the White House — the press secretary of the American president Sarah Sanders reported. According to her — the meeting lasted for an hour and a half. The parties discussed the denuclearization, and the second summit — TASS reports. The spokeswoman of the White House announced that after the talks — the second meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un will be held at the end of February.

Bulgaria extradited a Russian citizen Alexander Zhukov, who was accused by the US authorities in a computer fraud, to the United States. He is currently being held in a prison in the state of New York. According to the Russian Embassy in the United States — the staff of the Russian Consulate General in New York will visit him soon. Alexander Zhukov was detained in November of 2018, in Bulgaria, by a request from the USA. The prosecutor’s office of the Eastern District of New York accused him, as well as five other Russians, in Internet fraud. Two citizens of Kazakhstan were accused with the similar crime as well.

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