The USA will respond to threats in Syria and Iraq


1 The USA — Syria

Joe Biden stated in his letter to the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, that Washington will take further action if the threats or attacks on the US troops in Iraq and Syria continue. The letter was published by Joe Biden’s press office. He reported that he authorized the use of force on 27th of June, in the border areas of Iraq and Syria, to contain Iran and pro-Iranian armed groups in conducting, or supporting, the attacks against the US facilities and personnel. The letter also lists the attacks that, according to the USA, were directed against the US facilities and troops.

2. The USA — Syria

The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated that the US airstrikes in Syria and Iraq were targeted at facilities, related to the armed groups that recently used UAVs. John Kirby noted that the air strikes were delivered precisely. He declined to clarify if there were casualties after the air attacks. According to him, the US Armed Forces continue to assess the consequences of the air strikes. John Kirby added that the USA don’t seek to escalate the tensions, and the USA aren’t interested in the persistence of violence in Iraq or Syria.

3 Syria — The USA

Colonel Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition, stated that the US troops were not harmed by the attack on the military base in Deir ez-Zor province. He added that the US military «responded with counter-battery fire at the positions from which the rocket attacks were conducted, and with 1 air-to-surface missile ’Hellfire’ launched from a UAV. As a result — 1 hostile was wounded». The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated that the US authorities «assume that the rockets were fired by a pro-Iranian group, or groups.»

4 Azerbaijan — Armenia

While speaking at the 43rd meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of countries of the ’’Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation’’, the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, Jeyhun Bayramov, stated that Azerbaijan offered Armenia to start the negotiations on delimitation and demarcation of the border between the two countries. He noted that Azerbaijan expects a positive reaction from Armenia. Jeyhun Bayramov added that there is no other alternative to ensure peace and stability in the region, except to establish good relations. «It is time to build such relations by consistently implementing the points of the 3-way agreement, signed by the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia» — end of quote.

5 The USA — Afghanistan

The US State Secretary Anthony Blinken stated in an interview to the ’’Italian National Broadcasting Corporation’’ that after the pulling of the US troops — Washington will continue, together with partners, to provide economic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, as well as provide help to the Afghan security forces. He noted that the USA are pulling their troops, but not leaving Afghanistan.

6. Afghanistan — The USA

The CNN reported while citing their sources that the USA will, likely, leave about a thousand of US troops in Afghanistan to guard the US Embassy and the airport in Kabul after most of the US troops are pulled from the country. It was reported that «the USA can complete the pulling of troops from Afghanistan within a few days». Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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