The »White Helmets» are preparing a new fake in Idlib


1 Syria

The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Yuri Borenkov, announced that the center received information about an impending provocation by the terrorist group Haiyat Tahrir Al-Sham and members of the pseudo-humanitarian organization ‘White Helmets’. They plan to film a fake act of a use of chemical weapons in the south of the Idlib DMZ. The videos will be distributed on the Internet, and given to the Middle Eastern and Western mass media for publication in order to accuse the Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons against civilians, and delivering random strikes.

2 The USA

The Pentagon chief Mark Esper announced the successful test of a medium-range ground-based ballistic missile. The tests were held at the US Air Force Base ‘Vandenberg’, in California. The missile flew for over 500 km. The US military are still studying the test results, said Lt. Col. Robert Carver. Mark Esper clarified that the creation of the prototype took less than 9 months instead of 2 years. Medium and short range missiles were banned by the INF Treaty. Washington left the treaty on 2nd of August.

3 the UK

»The UK Conservative Party won the extraordinary parliamentary elections on Thursday and secured an absolute majority» — the British mass media reports. According to the incomplete official data — by the Friday morning, the conservatives received 354 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons. According to the exit polls, in total they can get up to 368 seats in the lower house of parliament. Labor, so far, receive 202 seats. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was reelected as a member of parliament.

4 Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Vladimyr Zelensky announced on air of the TV program «The Right to the Authority» on the TV channel «1 + 1» that he hopes to realize an exchange between Kiev and Lugansk before the New Year. «On 18th of December there will be a meeting of the Trilateral Group in Minsk. The lists will be discussed in there» — Zelensky

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