Тoday’s special is about the Special Military Operation, and the Russian military power


Тhe Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, made a statement about the decisive factor that became the main aspect of the decision to conduct the special military operation in Ukraine. According to him, the decision to conduct the special operation was taken because of the unacceptable threats to the Russian security, created by the Ukrainian self-proclaimed authorities.

Sergei Shoigu made his statement during the plenary session of the 1st International Anti-Fascist Congress. He clarified that all 8 years after the coup d’etat in 2014 — the official authorities of Ukraine have been killing the citizens of the DPR and the LPR. Ordinary people, including children, were killed.

«At the same time, the military use of the Ukrainian territory by the NATO took place. Kiev took the course for the joining of the NATO. These events created unacceptable threats to the security of Russia» — the RIA NEWS quoted his words.

Sergei Shoigu spoke about the most powerful weapons, contracts for which were signed during the ’Army-2022’ forum. He mentioned the serial production of missiles for the ’Zircon’ and ’Kinzhal’ hypersonic systems.

«Those are the modern S-500 missile systems, and the Sarmat missiles. We are also starting mass production of ’Zircon’ missiles. Those missiles were put into our service by now. In 2022 this fact will be documented. The missiles ’’Kinjal’’ will see the continued production» — Sergei Shough replied during an interview to the ’Russia 24’ TV channel on a question about those strongest weapons.

The S-500 mobile long-range anti-aircraft missile system was developed by the Almaz-Antey concern, as an air defense and missile defense system. According to the available information, the missile system can detect targets that fly at speeds up to 7000 meters per second, at ranges of up to 2000 km. The system can destroy the targets at ranges up to 500 km if they are ballistic, or 50 km if they are aerodynamic. The ballistic targets can be hit at the altitudes up to 200 km.

The silo-based strategic missile ’Sarmat’ is a heavy, multi-stage, liquid-propellant, intercontinental ballistic missile. It was developed by the Makeev State Missile Center. One missile can carry up to 5 hypersonic guided warheads. The same warheads are being used in the missiles «Avangard». Alternatively Sarmat can carry at least 10 conventional warheads that can evade the enemy missile defense system.

The first launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile ’Sarmat’, as part of the state tests, was carried out in April of 2022. The launch mission was completed fully. The design characteristics at all the stages of the flight were confirmed as well. The training warheads fell on the Kura training ground, on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The contract for the supply of ’3M22’ hypersonic missiles of the sea-based missile system ’Zircon’ to the Russian Navy was signed at the ’Army-2021’ forum. The «Zircon» is designed to destroy surface and ground targets at ranges of up to a 1000 km. The flight speed of the missiles reaches 9000 km/h.

The missile has successfully passed the state tests from a surface carrier, and is likely to be supplied to the surface warships. According to the mass media reports, the tests of the Zircon missiles from an underwater carrier will take place no earlier than 2024.

The missile «Kinjal’’ can hit stationary ground or sea targets at a speed of 14,688 km/h, at a range of up to 2,000 km. At the end of 2021, the first regiment, armed with MiG-31i aircraft with hypersonic missiles «Kinjal» was formed in the Russian air forces.

On 18th of August, 2021, three MiG-31i aircraft with ’’Kinjal’’ hypersonic missiles were relocated to the Chkalovsk airfield, in the Kaliningrad region, as part of the additional strategic deterrence measures. “During the flight, the issues of interaction with the fighter aircraft from the 6th Air Force and Air Defense Army were worked out. As well as with the naval aviation from the Baltic Fleet» — the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

The ANNA NEWS is following the events. Stay tuned.

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